We make a bed with his hands: 5 decent options

  • Dec 27, 2019

In this article I want to talk about how to use the available tools, you can draw an original flower bed. Of the many options I selected only those that you can make at home in the country without special tools or special skills.

1. Flowering barrel

A photo: https://www.kleo.ru/img/articles/7ygaP.jpg
A photo: https://www.kleo.ru/img/articles/7ygaP.jpg

From the old wooden casks can make a simple, but neat and very attractive flower bed. For this we need only the very container, fertile soil and a thick drill bit to create drainage holes. The latter is done in the bottom of the barrel to drain excess moisture.

Bedded smaller, you can use wooden Bochenko out of honey or beer. These mini-flower garden can be a decoration, not only for the garden, but also for a summer kitchen and pergola.

Plant flowers can be not only on top of the barrel, but also on its sides. For this to be done in the walls of small holes for planting. In this case, the bed will look like a vertical flower bed, completely overgrown with flowers. See this composition is very impressive.

2. blooming tree stump

Photo: avatars.mds.yandex.net/get-pdb/33827/7d8f71e5-19e8-41a0-8cf3-801c6c2873ad/orig
Photo: avatars.mds.yandex.net/get-pdb/33827/7d8f71e5-19e8-41a0-8cf3-801c6c2873ad/orig

With a little imagination, from the old stump, you can make an original flower that will look carefully at any site. To create a composition in the stump is the deepening of the size suitable for the growth and development of the root system of plants. Thereafter, in the walls is done several drainage holes for removal of excess moisture. Further, the recess is filled fertile soil and planted flower arrangement.

(To rains washed away the land from the drainage holes, I would advise on the inside, attach the fine mesh. Such patches can be cut from the old mosquito nets, which is inserted in the window)

To bed permanently retained its appearance, the stump may be impregnated stains, removing beforehand with a layer of wood bark.

3. Table service

A photo: http://dachnica.com.ua/img/photo/73.jpg
A photo: http://dachnica.com.ua/img/photo/73.jpg

Old tableware and tea service can be a great decoration for a small flower garden. Of plates, cups, saucers and even a glass teapot, you can create an original composition.

It is best to these beds will look small ground cover flowers. For example:

  • Aubrieta deltoid;
  • Iberis evergreen;
  • Phlox styloid;
  • Campanula Portenschlagiana;
  • Ajuga reptans;
  • Erigeron Karvin√°;

As well as many other kinds of creeping will be an excellent basis for our flower garden.

4. blooming basket

Photo: avatars.mds.yandex.net/get-pdb/38069/a08dd660-f9ff-4237-85fa-46b0780e5190/orig
Photo: avatars.mds.yandex.net/get-pdb/38069/a08dd660-f9ff-4237-85fa-46b0780e5190/orig

Old wicker basket is the best fit to create a small flower bed. Its texture and multiple openings allow the soil to breathe and keep a normal water balance, and fine netting will not be washed away even the land during heavy rains.

In addition, the bed made from one basket has a unique advantage. It can be easily moved from one place to another without causing any harm to the flowers. This is particularly important when you realize that plants lacking sunlight or oxygen.

To create a flower bed will suit even the very old basket, in which the bottom is completely rotten. To some extent, this can even be an advantage, since the root system will grow far beyond the flower beds. However, such a move will flower anymore.

5. inverted bucket

A photo:
A photo: http://www.vashsad.ua/downloads/image/9328/cvetnik_5.jpg

you can make a simple, but rather an original composition from an old bucket. Its essence lies in the fact that because of the fallen on its side on the ground bucket poured a trickle of flowers.

If the hand is not a bucket, it can be replaced Bochenko, cans or large pots for indoor plants.

As is the case with a flowerbed of dishes for our compositions dense ground cover plants are ideal. Flowers dense layer to lay the ground and create the effect of pourable liquid.

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