Useful application trays from the eggs in the country (Part 3)

  • Dec 27, 2019

Until recently, I was sure that I could not find new ways to use egg trays in a holiday farm. In mind I had only stand for pots for seedlings, which I myself have been used for a long time. More in the head did not come.

But over the past week readers have told me more about the three ways, so I was able to make a new selection. Hopefully, tips outlined in this article will be useful to you.

1. Stand the pots for seedlings


Trays can be an excellent stand for pots of natural eggshell. In addition, they improve the technology, making it completely without waste.

Spring seedlings planted in open ground along with the shell, and the trays are sent to the compost on the beds or adapted for growing radishes. It turns out very convenient as garbage (Or reusable pots) You do not have to drive back to the city.

I would advise to grow seedlings in no more than three rows. Otherwise, the plants may not be enough sunlight and they will be pulled (Wilt).

Cardboard coasters pots are good because they can always be cut into the desired size. It allows you to put the seedlings where it is enough heat and sunlight.

Before transporting the stand can be cut into 4 or 6 cells, so they become more compact and their will be more convenient to carry.

2. Organizer for the nails and stuff

A photo:
A photo:

Of egg trays, you can cut a small organizer for nails, rivets and other details. The shape and dimensions are selected depending on the needs and type of content.

As an organizer, you can use not only cardboard but plastic trays. Type of material does not affect functionality in any way.

Quite a convenient thing for the shed or bench where it is constantly lying nails, nuts and other small things.

If you do not like the gray kind of trays, they can be pasted with colored paper or paint.

3. Growing onions feathers


Cardboard and plastic egg trays are ideal as a container for the cultivation of onions in their on the windowsill. It's enough to take the water tank and place it in the cell. The size of the recesses coincide with the size of the bulbs, so do not have to cut anything.

If plastic trays, the role of container for water can play a cover of the package. In the case of a cardboard tray, the liquid is poured into a pan or deep dish.

This method of growing feathers bow is perfect for those who do not like to dig in the ground and have to deal with weeds. In addition, so you can feast on their harvest, even in winter.

4. Mulching

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A photo: id = 300184439307 & idx = 7 & thumbType = 32

In addition, a cardboard tray from under the eggs can mulch the beds with onions, potatoes and other vegetable crops. This dense and perfectly natural mulch retains moisture and prevents weeds.

Unlike straw, thick cardboard prevents the crust and permanently retains the loose soil structure.

However, I would not advise to carry out such a mulching in case you have problems with snails and slugs. Trays can be an excellent protection from the sun, which will lead to abundant breeding pests.

On the other methods useful application tray, you can read on my website: Useful application trays from the eggs in the country (Part 1)

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