As the seedlings warm at night: do heating pads for beds

  • Dec 27, 2019

Early planting is always complicated by the specific weather conditions. During the day the temperature can be raised to + 20 degrees, and fall below zero at night. For young plants, such changes can be disastrous. Even if the plants are not smerznut most likely to experience severe stress, which in the future will affect the growth and fruiting.

To avoid such situations, it is possible to postpone the landing at the last moment. However, this option is not for all gardeners. In addition, deferred planting will mean late harvest, which is also in some cases can be a problem.

Since the impact on the weather, we can not, we'll just have to warm beds. Do so only by means of a covering material not work. The temperature will drop too quickly and the morning will be equal to the open air. To maintain it requires an additional heat source. Such a source can be a home-made batteries. It is about them and I want to tell you in this article.

Garden Batteries - are items that accumulate in the heat during the daylight hours, but with the advent of the night begin to give it. The longer the battery can give off heat, the
it's better it is considered.

I went through a dozen different options, selecting only the most practical and, last but not least, available for a simple gardener.

1. Warmer-sleeve

A photo:
A photo:

The principle of operation of such a battery is quite simple. The hose is filled with water and placed along the rows with saplings. Throughout the day, the fluid collects the heat, but at night it starts to give. Due to its volume, the sleeve remains warm until morning. This allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature for the plants throughout the night.

The sleeve is made of black dense film, which heats up quickly when exposed to sunlight. For the convenience of filling water in the upper part of the device provided with a valve.

This battery can be used throughout the season, and can be installed only in the spring and autumn, when the difference between day and night temperatures are too high.

2. Hot-water bottles made of stones, bricks and gravel

A photo:
A photo:

We all know from childhood that the stones and bricks very long warm up and cool down too long. Thanks to this feature can be used as a garden battery.

If the site no stones, as a battery can use a large rubble. However, they will have to fill almost all the space between plants. Only in this case he will be able to accumulate enough heat to seedlings favorably experienced a cold night.

Warmers of the stones are best used in conjunction with a dense covering materials. This ensures the maintenance of the positive temperature even in the coldest hours of runoff.

3. Hot water bottles from the bottle

A photo:
A photo:

From the dark plastic bottles are obtained excellent garden batteries. Unlike the bulky tubes, small containers with water can be put directly under the plant stems.

Such heaters are not very elegant and looks extra plantings in the background, but fully perform their function. Paired with the cover material, they are able to warm the plant even in the most severe frosts.

Before using, remove all bottles of bright labels. They will reflect sunlight, and water will slowly warm up.

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