The original method for growing tomatoes in the breadcrumbs

  • Dec 27, 2019
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My vacation site is located in the Leningrad region, on a former swamp. The soil here is not distinguished by a special fertility and requires constant feedings and supplements. Manage one green-manures does not work, nutrients are extremely lacking. Therefore, one has to resort to fertilizers.

Each year, planting tomatoes in the ground, I am adding to the wells of compost and a little phosphate fertilizers. This allows you to give the young seedlings minimum amount of trace elements necessary for the growth and fruiting.

In general, this method of landing I was completely satisfied. Compost in large quantities is always at hand, and superphosphate I buy through friends at a reasonable price. The yield from year to year changes slightly, but still pretty good.

However, a couple of years ago, the conversation in the train with a woman who told how to plant tomatoes in breadcrumbs. She assured that the yield of this method is several times more money to spend and do not have to phosphates. I decided to try.

As I planted tomatoes in breadcrumbs

Throughout the winter and collected Dried bread crust. For storage went as white and brown bread. Other flour products, I did not take, although some argue that it can be done.

In the spring, at the transplanting time, I made a separate "bread" flower bed. It was interesting to compare the results of the old and the new method.

On the "bread" the beds I made a special in-depth wells, each of which fill 2 large handfuls of crackers. All content abundantly shed water.

Once the biscuits soaked, I knit a thick stick and razgrebli mush on the bottom and walls of the wells. This is to ensure that our roots dressing enveloped on all sides, and not stray into clumps on the bottom.

Planted tomatoes, sprinkle the soil and watered copiously with water.

We compare results

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I tried to make the tomatoes on "bread" grew in the garden of the same conditions as in the other. Therefore, all further care was exactly the same. That year my tomatoes pests bypassed party, so no treatment, I did not hold.

In the process of growth, "bread" in the form of tomatoes were slightly stronger, leaf color is no different.

After flowering, the differences become more pronounced. "Bread" tomatoes tied at 20-30% more fruit than the culture on standard beds.

As a result, the harvest in the garden with crackers was more, but the quality is practically no different from the rest. Ripening of green fruit was the same, while the number of "marriage" is quite comparable.

Compare taste qualities I did not succeed, because during storage, I accidentally mixed all the fruits. But I think that would not make any difference.


The method of cultivation of tomatoes on the bread crumbs really showed its effectiveness. However, no miraculous results (As I have described it) I did not achieve.

So if you like to experiment, try to make such a "bread" flower bed. Harvest certainly not be worse.

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