5 unusual devices that simplify the country life

  • Dec 27, 2019

In this article I want to tell you about a few little-known, but quite practical devices that simplify the country life.

1. folding path

A photo: https://www.thegreenhead.com/imgs/portable-roll-out-wooden-walkways-3.jpg
A photo: https://www.thegreenhead.com/imgs/portable-roll-out-wooden-walkways-3.jpg

Folding track consists of small dosochek which are bonded to each other strong synthetic rope. To boards do not bunch up, and there were always at the same distance from each other, between them there is a wooden pad.

Depending on the width of the track, it can be used both in the garden (Between beds)And a recreation area.

At the end of the season, you can rewind the track and send to the storage shed. This will allow for a long time to maintain its appearance.

2. safe cleaver

A photo: https://www.planetsad.ru/images/goods_img/drovodop.gif
A photo: https://www.planetsad.ru/images/goods_img/drovodop.gif

Safe cleaver will be a great help to any gardeners. In addition, it allows to avoid injuries, the process of chopping wood becomes much easier.

The essence of the firewood is that a log is broken down on the blade to stand still. You only need to hit the top of a small hammer or other wood.

Such a device has several important advantages:

  • Splitter allows you to split a piece of wood in the place where you want, not where the "get" the ax;
  • Firewood will not scatter in all directions, and the pile will fall near the wood splitters;
  • The log will not fall apart and it will not have to continually raise;
  • You can cut down even the curves of the logs, who can not stand on a flat surface;
  • Such a chopping process requires less effort.

The only disadvantage of this woodsplitter - is its weight. Clean and to extract the 7-kilogram device is problematic.

3. Holder garden hose

A photo: https://mlstaticquic-a.akamaihd.net/S_745285-MLU27615874031_062018-O.jpg
A photo: https://mlstaticquic-a.akamaihd.net/S_745285-MLU27615874031_062018-O.jpg

This simple tool will allow to get rid of the tangled skeins of hose feet. The cost of such carrier varies from 5 to 800 thousand. rubles. There are a variety of types and designs. The most popular are the holders on high legs, as well as those that are attached to the wall (Shown in the figure above).

If you do not want to spend money and effort to search for a turnkey solution, you can make your own holder. It is sufficient to attach an old leaky pail bottom to the wall or pole.

4. Platform to work in the garden

A photo: http://hiking.ru/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/GardenEase-Kneeler.jpg
A photo: http://hiking.ru/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/GardenEase-Kneeler.jpg

To work for a long time vnaklonku not only difficult, but also harmful. Therefore, experienced growers recommend treating the beds on their knees. To do this, even invented a special platform with handles. You can find it in large gardening stores.

In fact, this advanced analogue us all the usual tourist foams.

Quite practical and will help avoid back pain even during long-term work in the garden.

5. Hose for drainage of rainwater

A photo: https://mtdata.ru/u5/photoA962/20848003030-0/original.jpg
A photo: https://mtdata.ru/u5/photoA962/20848003030-0/original.jpg

This unusual device is designed to drain rainwater away from the foundation, in order to avoid erosion and soil subsidence.

Under the pressure of the water roaring crushes and diverts water away from the house, for example, under a shrub or fruit tree. After pressure decreases, the sleeve collapses back independently.

On the other useful devices for the garden, you can read on my site - 5 unusual devices that simplify country life (Part 2)

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