Useful application cans cottage

  • Dec 27, 2019

Someone throws out the old tin cans to the dump, someone burns and buries in the ground, and someone fits in the home.

In this article I want to talk about how the name of a little imagination and free time to make practical adaptations of old cans.

1. Shower Head

A photo:
A photo:

From a small tin or aluminum cans can make a practical tip for the holiday soul. Of course, in the shops sold a lot of watering cans, but they are worth the money and they have to spend time searching. A nozzle to create homemade take about 20 minutes.

To make the nozzle on the shower of metal cans, we need only the very thin package and a drill. In donyshke needs to be done 25 to 30 holes to be uniformly sprayed water. By Bank hose is attached by means of two washers with rubber gaskets. (Calcination can buy in the store, and can be cut from the old galoshes or rubber boots)

Do not take the bank too much, anyway, after turning off the shower, the water will still be interfering with drip wipe and dress.

In winter, a watering can unscrew it is not necessary during the cold it does not crack and does not lose its shape. If done on the conscience, the nozzle will last for many years.

2. Protection of poles against moisture

A photo:
A photo:

Have you ever thought about why some gardeners wear on metal poles old cans? It's pretty simple, I too had done so, until I were special plugs.

The fact is that if you do not cover the iron pole, after rain it will accumulate water. Constant humidity and garbage (E.g., leaves and small branches of the trees) reduce the period of construction services.

Wooden poles are also sometimes covered banks. In fact, they play the role of "caps", closing the cut logs. After all, it is best to absorb moisture and begins to rot first.

3. ornamental flowerpot

A photo:
A photo:

Of small tin cans and a couple of dozen wooden clothespins can make unusual pots. The process of creation is so simple that it does not even have to describe. Just takes the jar and attach it to the pegs.

If desired, a bank can be drilled more drainage apertures, which will take the excess moisture.

Such pots are very easy to clean. You just need to remove the pegs and wash the tin.

4. Grater

A photo:
A photo:

A large tin can to make this grater. For this we need a marker, a ruler, a large nail and a thick drill. Drawing on bank net, where each intersection lines will mean a new hole. Further drill holes.

To remove the drill bit, switch the drill in reverse mode. This is done to the sharp edges of the hole peeped out. Next we take thick nail, tuck in each hole and bends it slightly upward. So that the holes could capture the material is rubbed.

If you want to use a grater in the kitchen, it is best to take the pot without a pattern. Otherwise, the beauty may eventually start to wear off and fall into the food.

I also have this float, I grind it soap solutions for garden pests.

5. garden blades

Photo: "My farm 26 rus"
Photo: "My farm 26 rus"

Cans are perfect for creating a garden of blades of different sizes and shapes. There are two main methods of creating:

  • Of the banks only cut the work surface of the blade, which is attached to a wooden handle. Thus, as illustrated above;
  • The banks cut top cover and 1/3 wall so that we have turned the shovel. Further, the bottom of the drilled hole, into which the handle.

Blades of cans get easy and fairly durable, and thin "blade" makes it easy to stick to the very tool handle.

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