Useful application dandelions in the garden and vegetable garden

  • Dec 27, 2019
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Dandelion has long been a headache of many gardeners. This weed multiplies rapidly and is very difficult to be displayed. Cope with the hotbed of this scourge in one year is almost impossible to contend for several years.

However, despite all its shortcomings, dandelions are widely used in the garden and the garden as fertilizing and pest control.

In this article I want to talk about how to turn malignant weed in this assistant.

1. Fertilizing of dandelions

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In dressing, prepared on the basis of dandelions, there is a large amount of trace elements that are essential for growth and development of crop plants. Such mixtures are rich in:

  • A large number of nitrogen compounds;
  • phosphorus;
  • calcium;
  • potassium;
  • iron;
  • Bohr;
  • As well as other nutrients.

For the preparation of liquid fertilizing we need 10-liter bucket of water, about 1.5 kg of crushed dandelions as well as a barrel with a lid. cooking term - 20 days with warm sunny weather.

1. Carefully shred dandelions, trying to preserve as much juice as possible;

2. Put chopped raw material in the metal tank and fill 10 liters of warm water;

3. Cover the tank cover, while leaving access to oxygen;

4. Infusion expose to the sun, where it will ferment for 2 weeks.

During fermentation the foam will appear, which can be poured over the edge of the tank. For this case, in the tank is better to leave some space.

After 20 days, the resulting fertilizer is necessary to drain. Oil cake is sent to the compost pit, and the aqueous solution is used for garden dressing (horticultural) cultures. Before use, the infusion must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 1.

2. Attitude against pests

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Infusions based dandelions perfectly struggling with aphids and sucker. This natural insecticide is not accumulated in the plant tissue and is completely harmless to humans. On its preparation will take no longer than one day. The action is based on the infusion phytoncides - natural substances that are produced dandelions for combating microorganisms and fungi.

For the preparation of insecticide we need 300 grams of crushed leaves and a 10-liter bucket of warm water. Fill the raw water, stirred well, cover with a lid and ship in a warm place for 12 hours. Our infusion is ready.

For the destruction of the whole plant pests must be treated generously (Do not forget about the back side of the leaves). Depending on the number of parasites, the procedure is repeated from 2 to 5 times at intervals of several days. Processing is carried out in a dry calm weather.

Unlike chemical means, processing infusion dandelions allowed at any stage of growth, development and fruiting crops.

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