Useful use of old pantyhose in the country and in the garden

  • Dec 27, 2019

In this article I want to talk about how you can use the old nylon tights for the benefit of garden and kitchen garden.

1. Storage onions and garlic

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Old nylon stockings is most often used for storage of onions or garlic. This method has a lot of years, but it is still popular. With this storage the crop is well ventilated and stays fresh for a long time.

The method is very simple. Fruits are carefully placed in nylon stockings and hung in a dry ventilated area. Product material strong enough to withstand up to 5-7 kg. harvest.

A popular way to get out of practicality. Firstly, on the tights do not need to spend money they have in every family. Secondly, the storage occurs in a suspended form, which greatly saves space.

2. A filter for paint and liquids

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The fabric from which made stockings, like a very fine mesh that allows to use it as a filter for liquids. Filter can be anything:

  • Paint and other painting impregnation liquid;
  • Liquid fertilizer and manure;
  • Water for irrigation. (For example, large pieces of rust);

To create such a filter will take less than a minute. We need a clean container and tights. The process of how simple that it does not even have to describe.

There is only one caveat. So that during filtration tights are not sunk into the bucket, they must be properly tighten and fasten tightly.

3. elastic garters

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Of nylon tights and stockings can be cut into different garters for tomatoes, cucumbers and other crops. Despite his sloppy appearance, these "strings" are several important advantages:

  • Nylon garter never injure the stem of a plant. They are good to stretch and cut into plant tissues;
  • Homemade from Garter stockings are absolutely free, and for their creation will take no more than half an hour. Purchased counterparts are from 120 rubles per set;
  • These garters not rot and does not lose their properties during the whole season;

Additionally, you can cut the garter any length and width. Quite practical.

4. Screed broom

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To the broom is not falling apart into small twigs, it can obtyanut elastic tie a nylon from old pantyhose. This helps to preserve the instrument itself and save you from having to pick up fallen twigs.

To create such a tie is best to use thick tights, which over time have not lost their elasticity.

To our defense does not fall down and perform its function, it must be a good thread to stitch. This will allow better pull rods.

5. Holder for fruit

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Durable and elastic fabric allows tights make them "hammocks" for the vertical growing of large-fruited pumpkin or other crops.

Cracking, stockings stretched at the edges and tightly wrapped fruit. This prevents it from falling and damaging.

Despite the dense structure of pantyhose fabric air permeability, water and sunlight. This is one of the best solutions for hanging pumpkin.

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