Getting rid of mosquitoes in the country in using a homemade trap

  • Dec 27, 2019
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A large number of mosquitoes in the country - is a disaster. Insects do not give work properly, eat, relax and even sleep. There are various fumigators that allow to destroy the insects, but they are not always efficacious, and require constant replacement of plates (liquid). Whose hand can not be.

In this article I will talk about a popular method, which allows you to get rid of mosquitoes without the use of purchased equipment and chemistry.

What are the pitfalls

The essence of the trap is to lure mosquitoes into a container from which they can not escape. The principle of operation is very similar to a trap for wasps, but has one major difference - the contents of the bait itself.

Unlike wasps, mosquitoes little interest fermented jam, they are attracted to carbon dioxide. That's what we use.

Why do mosquitoes attracted to CO2?

It's pretty simple. The nature of the carbon dioxide exhaled people and warm-blooded animals, ie, the potential 'victims' of mosquitoes. Therefore, focusing on of CO2, the insects are searching for their "prey."

Make a trap

Collage: Summer Worker
Collage: Summer Worker

To create the bait, we need the usual items that have in the kitchen every housewife:

  • Plastic bottle from the aeration volume of 1.5-2 liters;
  • A glass of warm water;
  • 10 sugar cubes;
  • 1 gram of dry yeast;
  • Adhesive tape or adhesive tape.

Of the tools you will need only a knife or sharp scissors.

Step 1. we do body

To create a body at the neck of the bottle must be cut so that its base diameter is equal to the diameter of the bottle. (If the neck cut is too high, there where there is a decrease, it will fall into the bottle)

Now we turn over the severed part upside down and insert it back into the bottle.

In order to structure is not collapsed, the neck will need to fix the tape or masking tape.

Step 2. Making the bait

Now you need to make a bait that will generate carbon dioxide. For this:

  • We pour into our body a glass of warm water;
  • Add about 1 gram of dry yeast;
  • Adding 9-10 sugar cubes (those that 5.5 grams);

Soon our bait will begin to ferment and release carbon dioxide. That it will attract mosquitoes, which will fly into our trap from miles around.

Step 3. close the trap

To light and glare from the bottle is not scared of mosquitoes, our trap is necessary to wrap opaque paper. (Can package, cloth or any other material which does not transmit light)

Some gardeners make special lure of the dark plastic bottles (Of beer or kvass). However, even the best dark plastic wrap opaque paper.

All is ready

That's all, our trap is ready. During the evening, some of these lures are able to destroy all the mosquitoes in a small country house. On the efficiency of such a method can be compared to a good fumigated.

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