Useful use of plastic bottles in the country (Part 8)

  • Dec 27, 2019

By tradition, every three weeks I collect several ways beneficial use of plastic bottles in the country and in the garden. Some of them send me mail subscribers, and some I find myself.

From this recycling can make a lot of useful things, but to create some require special skills or tools. For example, there are craftsmen who weave these baskets of plastic "vines". Products obtained durable and light, but it needs to have hands of gold.

In this article, I planted a simple device that can be obtained from plastic bottles without having special skills and special tools. In addition, we will need quite a bit of recycling. It will be quite a few standard bottles.

1. ornamental flowerpot

A photo:
A photo:

From old plastic bottles can be made original pots. Moreover, the product is not only beautiful, but also quite practical:

  • The cost of this decorative vase is zero. You will only have to spend their time and imagination;
  • Plastic pots will never be broken and will not crack;
  • You can make pots of any size and depth. Pots are not "fidget" and "peek" as is the case with the store counterparts;
  • Pots of plastic bottles has a minimum weight that allows you to hang the (post) it where clay counterparts would be very cumbersome;
  • If necessary, in a plastic housing can make holes for the circulation of air or water;

To the sharp edges of the bottle is not damaged stems of plants, they need to be pasted or to treat skin.

2. Basket

A photo:
A photo:

A large plastic canisters can get great bucket of clothespins, garters and other garden detail. To do this, simply cut off the neck, frame the edge of cloth tape and make a pair of handles.

If this bucket is supposed to store and carry heavy objects (liquid bulk), the handle should be strengthened.

If necessary, plastic residues can be a cover which will protect the contents from rain and moisture.

3. Organizer

A photo:
A photo:

For storing holiday detail can make a simple organizer. The size will depend on the number of bottles (branches). The most practical options include 4, 6 or 8 sections.

To create can be used as rectangular cans and bottles of the classic. The basis for our organizer will be the cloth basket, which is made of old curtains or other dense tissue.

you can make a separate pen for each cell. This is especially useful if you keep the nails or screws. In order not to get the contents of your hands, just take out the cell and go to work.

4. Robust tape

A photo:
A photo:

Not many know, but from a simple plastic bottle can get up to 7-8 meters of strong and practical tape. Here are just a few features of this product:

  • Such a rope is never confused due to the nature of its form;
  • The tape will always seek to take the form of a coil, which is very convenient for storage;
  • Plastic rope does not rot and does not lose its properties even after the rain;
  • This rope is much stronger analogues of natural fibers.

However, there are significant drawback - the sharp edges. Work with a rope need to wear gloves.

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