Lure earthworms in the garden and stimulate their proliferation

  • Dec 27, 2019
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The benefits of earthworms knows every gardeners. Therefore, I will not repeat and get right to the point.

In this article I will discuss how to attract workers underground on your site and stimulate their proliferation. After all, in order to truly become a soil loose and fertile, needs constant activity of a large number of earthworms.

Where to get the worms, if they do not?

Sometimes it happens that when digging garden gardener does not meet even a single earthworm. The conditions for life and reproduction have, but the animals themselves do not. What to do in this situation?

It's pretty simple. It is necessary to artificially bring the worms to the site. You do not need to go to the store or the forest, the animals are unlikely to permanently take root in your land. It is best to proceed as follows.

Dig in his small raspberry patch pit depth of about 40 cm., Fill it with a year-old compost and cover boards. After 10-15 days in the contents of the pit worms will begin to appear. Their value is that they are perfectly adapted exactly to your soil.

Now that the earthworms you have left to create favorable conditions for their life. Only in this case the small workers will live on your site.

Create conditions for the breeding of worms

For all their horticultural practice, I was never able to find the miracle of rapid means. The drinking of coffee, beer and other traditional recipes radically situation will not change. After all, the soil became loose and fertile need to work a huge number of worms. And this is not happening in a day or a week.

In order to really make a difference and saturate the ground earthworms (Which will always dwell in a supportive environment and to properly perform their duties), You need a set of measures.

1. The creation of permanent beds

Throughout the territory of the site to create as much as possible the permanent beds. That is, areas that are least exposed to the cultivation and change. This is to ensure that the worms were able to settle in your area.

Any earthworks destroy worms. So try to create on its site "pristine islands", where for a long time been able to settle down a little workers.

If possible, leave the dried annuals directly on beds. This will not bother once again creeping underground animals.

2. Creating a wooden tracks

If you have the opportunity, take a wooden walkway between the beds. In fact, it will melenkie flooring of boards and bars. This will decide two problems at once:

  • Wooden tracks between beds keep soil loose and favorable habitat for (reproduction) worms;
  • You will not trample down and injure young workers while working in the garden.

Creating these tracks - it's not cheap, but the wooden decks located very close to the ground like an underground inhabitants.

3. Abundant organic mulching

Mulch with organic as much as possible the beds. Herbal infusion will create ideal conditions for life and reproduction of earthworms. Under it to retain moisture and heat, and adverse weather conditions will not be able to disturb the settled excavation workers.

Mulching will suit any organic matter - dead leaves, straw, hay, greens, etc. All that remains in the area to fall.

4. Discard the methods that kill worms

Naturally, it is necessary to abandon all doing gardening methods that repel and kill the worms.

  • Try to refrain from digging deep;
  • Do not use in the garden herbicides and other chemicals, even if the manufacturer claims that it is harmless;
  • Do not make a fertilizer with a large number of chloride and ammonia;
  • Very carefully, use ash. Dilute solution with water;

If you adhere to these simple rules, earthworms permanently take root in your garden and begin to multiply rapidly. As a result, it is inevitable to make the land more fertile, and quality.

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