Most neighbors carrot: next to someone to plant root

  • Dec 27, 2019
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Every spring, I start with the beds plan. I draw diagram distribute planting. Need to consider everything:

  • crop rotation;
  • drainage;
  • predecessors;
  • the presence of shadows;
  • produvaemost;
  • soil acidity;
  • soil type and quality;
  • and of course, neighbors.

After all, on the correct neighborhood it depends much more than many gardeners. Culture growing next can help each other, and vice versa can be harmful. This must be taken into consideration when planning the landings.

In this article I want to talk about the cultures that I love to plant next to the carrots. In my opinion, the combination of these plants makes it possible to avoid many problems, and improve the growth and development of both cultures.

1. Bow

First of all, I prefer onions. The thing is that it helps to scare one of the worst pests - carrot fly. In addition, the bow is fighting the root mites, which also delivers quite a few problems of root crops.

In turn, the carrots helps to get rid of the onion fly and onion moth.

It turns a simple, but highly effective symbiosis. I'm sure such landings do many gardeners.

2. pulse

Another useful neighbor legumes (peas, beans) can be a carrot. The root system of these plants loosen the soil, saturating it with oxygen and improve drainage. In addition, beans nourish the earth with nitrogen, which is so necessary for the growth and development of carrot.

Before planting beans next to the carrots, keep in mind that they are slowly acidifying the soil. Therefore, pre-check the acidity and make the lime if necessary.

3. Salad

Planted near the carrot salad, you are one shot kill two birds with one stone.

  • Firstly, the large leaves of lettuce will prevent excessive evaporation of moisture;
  • Secondly, lettuce matures quickly, so early as the middle of summer in carrots will not be contenders for a bed;

Always plan in advance of planting and choose neighbors. In the future, it will get rid of many problems.

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