Make a backup of strawberries from scrap materials: 4 ideas

  • Dec 27, 2019
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If the strawberries will be for a long time lying on the ground, they will soon begin to rot. In addition, fruits are easy prey for slugs and snails. Therefore, twigs with berries is better to lift off the ground with the help of simple supports.

The shops sold a lot of different devices for backup strawberries. But they are, and money and do not always fall under the arm. Therefore, it is often necessary to do the support from scrap materials.

In this article I will discuss the most practical props for strawberries that can make of what is almost every garden plot.

1. Of plastic forks

Plastic plug from the set of disposable tableware can be easily adapted as a backup for the twigs strawberries. Fork stuck a pen into the ground, and placed between the teeth a branch with berries.

However, there is a caveat. Since disposable tableware thing is cheap, do it, usually carelessly. Therefore, between the fork teeth sometimes come across sharp surplus of plastic, which can damage the branches. To this did not happen, I take a small sliver of it and spend some time as a file, to blunt any sharp edges.

In fact, even the disposable spoons can be used instead of forks. They only have to make some cuts to branches. Edge in such a case, you need to carefully blunt.

2. wire

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If the hand is not disposable forks, you can make the support of the usual aluminum wire. The simplest option is to rewind the wire pigtail while leaving a small end to a slingshot.

For such purposes, it is best right for aluminum wire. It is easy to bend, it perfectly retains its shape and does not sag under the weight of ripe berries.

That the wire did not go deep into the ground over time, its end can be bent in the form of poker.

3. of twigs

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Any gardener will always be old branches after pruning bushes or trees. Of these, too, can make practical props for strawberry branches.

I would advise not to use double and triple slingshot. This will allow the branches do not bunch up, and keep the living space for berries.

Always cut branches with a reserve. Better deeper thrust prop than with the time she goes into the ground or fall.

Use only healthy branches without fungus, moss and algae. Take the time to do for one bush 3-4 backups to branch again not bunch up.

4. From bottles and cups

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Another interesting variant of the use of plastic bottles in the garden - is to create a backup for strawberries.

Take for supporting a plastic bottle, and then cut off from her neck and the bottom. Further, on one end make a few cuts, and after the resulting bend the petals outward. This is done so that branches do not bend, do not come into contact with sharp edges.

Such support is not only perfectly perform their duties, but are an excellent protection against creeping pests - slugs and snails.

I would advise to use transparent bottles, which transmit light well. After all, the sun's rays are needed around the bush of strawberries.

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