Protect cherries from birds: 3 simple folk method

  • Dec 27, 2019

It's one thing to grow a crop of cherries, and quite another - to protect him from the feathered pests. And the second problem is not easier. After all, unlike the ants and slugs do not get rid of birds. We can only protect the wood and scare feathered guests.

In this article, I will discuss three of the most effective folk method to help protect cherries from birds flying.

1. Frightened birds of prey

A photo:
A photo:

Old bird protection method - the creation of a bogey, still remains one of the most effective. And the most effective way is recognized predators such as owl or a hawk.

Repeller is set next to a tree in plain view. No need to sit bogey on the branches inside the crown, where it will be difficult to see.

Scarecrow bird of prey can be bought, but you can make your own improvised. A full match to the original is not required. The main thing is to match the silhouette and proportions.

2. Christmas decorations and tinsel

A photo:
A photo:

Christmas decorations, tinsel and other shiny objects are ideal for scaring birds guests. Birds do not like the flickering light and bright glare, so long will not stay on your site.

However, there are some nuances.

  • Shiny objects should be hanged so that they are strongly swayed in the wind and constantly change their location. Otherwise, the birds get used to, and will not be afraid to continue to peck cherries;
  • Objects must not only be bright and reflective light.

In addition to Christmas decorations and tinsel can be used:

  • Computer disks;
  • Food foil;
  • Fragments of the mirror;
  • Brilliant cans;
  • Candy wrappers;

Repellents can be hung as a tree branch, and on adjacent poles.

3. suppressor grid

A photo:
A photo:

One of the most effective methods - hide all tree mesh ventilated or light fabric that allows light. This method ensures almost 100% of crop protection, but has some nuances:

  • Cape on the tree must be great to pass the sunlight. Otherwise, the tree will not be able to fully carry out the process of photosynthesis, which will affect its growth and development;
  • Mesh or fabric must pass air freely. First, the tree should breathe. Secondly, the wind canopy should not become a sail, or branches can break;
  • Cape should not weigh much. It is best to pull the net than on the branches, and on a separate frame mounted around the tree;
  • If you are going to use the fabric, make sure that it does not accumulate water. Soaked tissue weighs more, and can damage the thin branches.

These simple folk methods will protect cherries from birds and keep the berries intact.

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