What if ants have settled in strawberries

  • Dec 27, 2019
A photo: https://rastenijainfo.ru/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Klubnika-Polka-74-1.jpg
A photo: https://rastenijainfo.ru/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Klubnika-Polka-74-1.jpg

If you are around the bushes of strawberries began to notice small holes sprinkled with dry soil, which means that in the garden of your ants have settled. And most likely, we are dealing with pavement ant. This small brown insects size of 2 to 4 millimeters. They are attracted by the root system of strawberries, which they like to make their nests.

Unfortunately, the neighborhood ants are often detrimental to the crop. Are no exception and strawberry bushes.

What danger are ants

Despite its small size, pavement ant are very dangerous for the strawberry bushes.

  • Salvage ants bush strawberry weakened and susceptible to various diseases which are inherent in a given culture (rot, blotch, etc.);
  • After the death of one bush, formic necessarily family moved to the neighboring plant. This will continue until such time as will not be destroyed by the entire bed with strawberries;
  • Over time, the ant family will grow and settle on other bushes of strawberries;
  • Ants can hurt to keep pace with strawberries, which is bred near the surface of the earth;
  • Do not forget that the ants are constant companions aphids.

In the neighborhood of these insects strawberries will not be able to fully develop and produce a rich harvest.

How to get rid of an anthill in strawberries

Fight with ants, who settled among the bushes of strawberries, it is difficult. After all, we need not only to kill insects, but also to keep the crop plants. Therefore, by the application of boiling water and ash have to give.

In addition, if you destroy only part of the ant family, a colony rather quickly recover and continue to exist on other bushes.

The most optimum one for killing ants is not strong by using chemicals and poisons. In this case, we will keep the crop plants and prevent the restoration of the family.

1. Using chemistry (in extreme cases)

I really do not like chemistry and I try never to use it in his garden. I believe that any poisons do not disappear completely, but permanently remain in the ground and spread over the site soil waters.

However, in this case, the use of purchased products justified. With their help, we can maintain the strawberries, while destroying all the ant family.

There are many insecticides, but I tried only one: Faz-double. Scatter a thin layer of powder on the path of movement and habitat of insects. The ants will spread poison throughout the habitat and die over time.

I would advise to use these drugs only in the event that one a bed has several anthills.

2. Bait (recommend)

If a bed has been seen only one ant, I would advise to use bait with boric acid. There is nothing to dig up and disturb the insects. Just lay edible traps near an anthill. To bait is not pecked by birds and animals are not eaten, they are better than some cover. Of course, leaving access for ants themselves.

Worker ants ENTERED bait into the slot and feed it the rest of the family. It will destroy the ant family inside.

Bait of boric acid can be done on any basis that you enjoy. For example, I do out of the water, jam and a small amount of sauce (as a thickener).

These methods will enable you to get rid of ants without damage to strawberries, as well as eliminate further recovery of the family.

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