Why does a rotten apple does not place in the compost: 4 Reasons

  • Dec 27, 2019
A photo: https://ogoogorod.ru/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/gnilye_yabloki_2_28063127.jpg
A photo: https://ogoogorod.ru/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/gnilye_yabloki_2_28063127.jpg

Many gardeners throw in the compost pit all plant debris, which only see in their area. But I think that this is totally the wrong approach. After the compost pit is not trash, but a real workshop for the creation of fertile lands rich in nutrients substances. And the quality of the ground depends on the compost materials.

I wrote earlier that it is better not to put in a compost pit. In this article, I pay special attention to the old rotten apple. After all, they are so fond of our growers sent to humus.

In order to avoid unnecessary questions, I want to say right away that healthy apples in a small amount can be used for compost. However, who will be sent to the humus good fruit?

But carrion, we collect under the apple trees in late summer, it is best not to send to the compost, and incineration. And there are several reasons:

1. harmful insects

Around rotting fruit will fly a swarm of flies and other pests, which will then scatter throughout the site. Why create nutritious slice for the reproduction of the flying pests in my garden?

Even if you are pelted with rotten apples old grass and food scraps, insects still will not leave you alone.

2. harmful rodents

Rotting fruits can attract harmful rodents such as rats or mice. Their presence at the site can not only bring discomfort, but also jeopardize the safety of the crop.

In large quantities, harmful rodents are dangerous even for human health. It is not necessary to have such neighbors in their area.

3. viral infections

Apples are not just rot and fall off prematurely. They are often infected with various viral and fungal diseases. These fruits will be a source of infection throughout the rotting process. And do not think that the disease will remain in compost pits. The entire site will be at risk.

4. Larvae and pests

Old fruit is often infested with larvae and other pests. The nutrient compost environment, they will not only live, but also begin to blossom. Some will be able to survive the winter cold and will continue its activities in the next season.

Using old rotten apples as compost - undertaking very risky. I believe that such fruit is better to burn or take away from your site.

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