Lupine is not a weed, and an excellent green manure: benefits and features of Plants

  • Dec 27, 2019
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Lupines growing in almost all my neighbors. Yes, what's the neighbors until I go to the station, constantly watching these flowers on the roadside stations. Someone they get out from under the house, someone placed near the fence, but there I have not seen that lupins used as green manure.

But why? After all, this flower is one of the best precursors for potatoes, strawberries, strawberries and many other crops.

What is so good lupins

How green manure, lupine has a lot of benefits and useful features. I planted on the most basic.

  • Lupine has a strong root system, which is able to go into the ground to a depth of 1.5 meters while rising and dissolving into the top layers of soil monohydrogenphosphate;
  • Developed roots of the plants loosen the soil, improving air and water balance;
  • Lupine enriches the soil with nitrogen, which is so necessary to the crop plants for growth and development;
  • Lupine refers to a rather precocious green manure and hardly in need of care;

I would recommend this to plant green manure in a poor and rather acidic soil. It saturates the ground nutrients and begin the process of deoxidation.

Precipitated lupine as green manure

If lupine self sprouted in your area, then plant it is not artificially difficult. The only obstacle could be heavy loam and peat, which does not like green manure. However, even on such soils can be grown if desired, lupins.

Before planting, the soil does not need to make any fertilizer with high nitrogen content. Shallow enough to loosen the ground and clean the area of ​​weeds.

Planted lupine seeds need a depth of 4 centimeters long, narrow grooves are located at a distance of 20 cm. apart. It is not necessary to plant green manure is very tight, it will not allow the plants to develop fully and benefit.

Caring for lupine is a rare watering, which is required only in dry weather. Some gardeners are fed green manure, but I do not do it.

Planting lupins can be both a winter and at the beginning of the season. It all depends on the weather and plans to land the main crops.

For the experiment, lupine can sow a small area, and then compare the results. Almost sure that you too will enjoy this green manure.

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