How to grow mushrooms at home in white pots

  • Dec 27, 2019
(Photo from the canal "6 acres and Sergey")
(Photo from the canal "6 acres and Sergey")

Most gardeners claim that grow white mushrooms at very difficult in the area, and in the apartment - just not possible. But I do not agree with them. If you have a little patience and do "landing" on the instructions - will succeed.

Below I would like to describe in detail the process of growing white mushrooms in a city apartment.

1. mushroom

First of all, we need to gather material for "landing". It should be large, mature mushrooms, which have a lot of controversy. Also important hat size, and "sponge", than they will be more, the better.

Cart mushrooms need to fold up the legs, or on the road, you can lose all disputes.

It's okay if the mushrooms are worm-eaten, but it is better to try to take the pure material.

2. grind mushrooms

After we brought some ripe white mushrooms to their home, they need to grind. You can do it in a meat grinder or a conventional tolkushkoy for mashed potatoes.

To separate the upper part of the cap of the "sponge" is not necessary. The grinder send all but the legs.

3. fill with water

The resulting fungal mass collect a five-liter pot and fill with water. For this purpose, suitable only:

  • Water from a pond, lake, river or other body of water;
  • Rainwater;
  • Water from a well or wells;

Never use tap water, filtered water or purchase. It passes many processing steps and we are no longer fit.

4. add yeast

The resulting mixture was (Half plates fungal mass and 4.5 liters of water) you need to add 50 grams of dry yeast.

Slowly stir the liquid until smooth and cover dense "breathable" fabric. This can be a towel, an old blanket or sweater.

5. Sent to storage

Covered with a cloth pan with mushroom weight should be sent to storage in a closet or hallway. The main thing that the room was warm and dark (No direct sunlight).

Shelf life: 10-15 days, no more.

6. "Planted" mushrooms

After the lapse of a desired period, we obtain our mushroom mixture and dilute with water at the rate of 200 ml. solution in 2 liters of rainwater.

Once again I draw your attention to that use only natural water, without filtration and impurities. This will depend on future results.

Now it is necessary abundantly shed mushroom solution reserved for "landing" place. Best of all, if it's oak seedlings or other forest trees. In a familiar environment mushrooms will grow better.

Potted plants, like roses, are not suitable for planting white fungus.

7. we get a crop

(Photo from the canal "6 acres and Sergey")
(Photo from the canal "6 acres and Sergey")

If done correctly, the result will not take long. In one pot, you may receive up to 4-5 full white mushrooms. Such a method will allow to feast on mushroom soup, regardless of the time of year.

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