Getting rid of this weed in the garden without chemicals and herbicides

  • Dec 27, 2019

Among the variety of weeds, with which gardeners constantly fighting, sow thistle is the most tenacious. With the increased aggressiveness, the plant quickly spread throughout the site, replacing ornamental, vegetable crops, impoverishes and saps the soil.

Therefore, you must fight it by all available means.

Disposal sow-thistle in the garden

Methods to eradicate this weed there are many:

  • the use of herbicides;
  • mechanical destruction;
  • sowing green manure;
  • folk remedies.

Each holder section selects the most appropriate, given its capabilities.

1. The use of herbicides

Herbicide use, variants of which there are many today, I do not welcome, because poisoned not just a weed, but also growing alongside plants, soil, small insects that live in soil and grass.

And for their own health the use of herbicides does not go unnoticed, especially for people with allergies.

2. Kerosene

Spray weed kerosene as advised adherents of folk practices, somehow I also did not want.

  • Firstly, unpleasant odor, causing asphyxiation.
  • Secondly, the need to handle the weed spot, not to burn the neighboring plants, and it once, and not quite easy work to try to discover the plants, to bend each to pour kerosene on it.

3. mechanical removal

Mechanical weed destruction is the removal of the aerial parts and roots. But given that the root system of plants is very powerful and can be branched to a meter or more in the soil, remove it completely impossible.

But do not give the plant to grow and bloom, it is quite accessible method to weaken the root system, resulting in due course what weed will die himself.

This method is often called the "exhaustion" and used to control a variety of weeds.

Advantages of this method:

  • He is all natural and harmless;
  • If done correctly, a weed is lost for many years.

Disadvantages of this method:

  • He is a very labor-intensive and time-consuming;
  • If you miss even a few weeds will have to start all over again.

My personal experience

In your garden thistles I delete only a hoe, in the course of regular weeding, and planting a winter green manure, which is used as white mustard seed.

Instead of mustard can be sown lupine, rye and other crops. Mustard sown as soon as freed area after harvesting horticultural crops. At the beginning of August on a bed of onion, in late August, early September on the field, where there were potatoes and so on. Mustard grown up in October plowed into the soil, where the rot and serves as an organic fertilizer.

During plowing most of the weed roots are on the surface, where they die. And to deal with individual plants will be much easier.

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