5 mistakes when storing carrots: how not to lose the harvest

  • Dec 27, 2019

In this article I will talk about the most common mistake made by gardeners for storage of carrots. I think this topic is not as important as pest control or proper care of crops. After all, if the carrot will spoil all the efforts of the summer lost in vain, and the roots will have to buy in the store.

Shelf life of carrots depends on a huge number of conditions, among which are:

  • Variety;
  • The conditions in which to grow and develop a root vegetable;
  • The presence of pests and diseases;
  • Weather at the time of harvest;
  • Soil moisture and air;
  • Mechanical damage, including hidden;
  • The drying conditions;
  • Constant temperature during storage;
  • Many other factors, which simply do not count.

It seems that with so many conditions it is impossible to predict the shelf life. But it is not so. There is a basic mistake, from which much of the success depends. It is about them and I'll tell you.

1. Wrong timing of the harvest

Choose the right time to harvest - half the success. After all, carrots can not be collected in the rainy and dry weather. You must select a cross - normal humidity and soil.

If you start harvesting after prolonged rain, moisture and carrots be satisfied for a long time can not be stored. Mold and fungi very quickly ruin the root.

If the harvest in dry weather, the fruit will be damaged parched ground, which makes them unsuitable for storage. Therefore, if the weather is arid, the day before the harvest, a bed can be wet with a little water.

Removing the roots from the ground is best at average humidity when the soft and friable soil.

All the carrots should be harvested before the frost. Touched frost roots are not suitable for long term storage.

2. Wrong harvest

Equally important, you'll harvest. Digging up carrots fork impossible, the procedure probably hurt a root vegetable. And it will not even forks, and the ground under the pressure of the tool. Most of the damage you can not see at once, so they will be an unpleasant surprise during storage time.

If carrots are unable to neatly pull the hands, we can take a small garden shovel.

Each root, which in the future will go to the store, should digs alone. "Group fees" often lead to damage.

3. Cleaning vegetables in water

Wash the carrots do not need before storing, even if you are sure that it will be able to dry well. This is quite a big risk, which is absolutely no way justified.

After the proper collection, in the roots is the optimal amount of moisture. Excess moisture and drying will not go to the benefit of vegetable.

4. Improper drying

Do not dry the carrots in the sun and the warmth of the room. Before storing vegetables should be cool, not hot.

Root vegetables in any case must not be covered with plastic wrap, or other dense material. This will lead to the appearance of condensation and moisture. Also, do not use for their own shelter tops, it may contain disease inherent in this vegetable.

If you want something to hide, it is best to do a dry straw. It will enable to breathe and absorb excess moisture.

5. Untreated container or room

The room and the box in which to store root crops, must be disinfected. Ignore the procedure can be used only if the previous storage of vegetables in them from happening.

Handle even have a balcony and a homemade insulated box. Otherwise, you run the risk of severely infect the new crop of old infections.

Wire processing can be any available disinfectant. Not necessarily use sulfur checkers or strong chemicals.

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