7 tricks to to work in the garden does not hurt the waist

  • Dec 27, 2019

In this article I want to tell you a few tricks that will help you maintain a healthy lower back, even after a long work in the garden.

1. We carry a maximum working standing

Try to perform as much work can be standing. To do this, invented a variety of tools with long handles. The less you bend, the easier your back.

2. Proper device beds

Ease of operation depends on the device beds. If you want to maintain a healthy lower back, you must follow three main principles:

  • You must stand firmly on his feet. For this purpose the passages between the beds is best to lay tiles, planks or other material. Walk on the "swamp" and "mess" is very harmful to the spine;
  • The edges of the beds should be perpendicular to the ground. There must have been gentle stingrays. Otherwise, you will have to plant a very far stretch;
  • The bed should be so wide, so you can reach all the plants easily.

No need to make the beds are too close to each other, you should not be trapped among the plants.

3. a good tool

You need to work only professional sharpened tools. Do not spare him money. This will greatly facilitate the work, reducing the strain on the back and joints.

Pay special attention to the bayonet spade. She made the most difficult work, so the tool should be:

  • Easy;
  • Acute;
  • Have a long comfortable handle;
  • Fully correspond to the type of work.

Pick a tool to grow and particular shape. Feel free to open and inspect equipment before you buy at the store.

In the process, periodically shake the tool from adhering earth. The extra weight puts a strain on the lower back.

4. irrigation Automation

Hand watering can be replaced by a drip irrigation system. This simple design will save you time and keep health.

Such a system can be done independently, and can be purchased at gardening store. Buying is not cheap, but you'll forget all about the hand-watering.

5. Proper weight lifting

Any heavy objects - bags, buckets, bricks, should be raised at the expense of leg strength, as do professional sportsmen. Keep your back straight, and push the object as close as possible to the body.

In this case, the load is distributed evenly and the chance to damage the lower back is greatly reduced.

If gravity is often drag, get a special belt that will fix your back. It is worth it is not cheap, but do not skimp on health.

6. breaks

Take breaks at any monotonous work. You can not stand over the beds more than 30-40 minutes at a time. Change the type of activity or simply relax. Never overload the back, she will not forgive you.

7. Choosing the correct posture

Never operate vnaklonku, relying only on his feet. This posture greatly overloads the back and joints.

Treat beds, planting seedlings and weeding weeds need on all fours. At the same time, you have to stay a minimum of 3 points of support - knees and one arm.

For convenience, you can purchase knee pads (sports or construction), solid foam or even a special platform with handles.

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