How to get rid of dandelions in the garden

  • Dec 27, 2019
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Dandelions - not only elegant bright "sun", and later white fishnet "parachutes" on your site, but also very tenacious weed. Yes, with due skill, you can use its roots in folk medicine, herbs - in spring salads, and flowers - in the home of cosmetology. But if you are seriously engaged in gardening, the first thing it will be for you to malicious weed hindering survive all the surrounding culture. And get rid of will be very difficult on him.

The fact that dandelions have highly branched and fairly long (up to 60 cm!) Root system. And the main and lateral roots with appendages is very fragile, but have a high degree of regeneration and easily "recovered" and give a new above-ground shoots.

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In addition, the seeds of this plant on the most charming "parachutes" quickly spread for kilometers around - that is, even if your site is initially cleared of weeds, you may well wait for a "surprise" from neighbors.

And still very tenacious aerial part of dandelion - squinting flower stalks, you can not be completely sure that those quietly not ripen and are not contaminated even without roots, for example, being thrown in the compost to dry pile.

What to do? Are dandelions indestructible?

Istrebimy, but the time and effort it will have to spend a lot. Your main task - not to give it a weed dissemination, regularly and gradually reducing its number on the site. And the most effective ways to do this, there even more.

Ways to deal with dandelions

If the number of dandelions in the area is not very large, you can try the traditional methods of getting rid of them. For example, the Strait of boiling water each plant at the root. This should be done not once, but several times a day - until then, until the plant will not die.

Also, resourceful gardeners asleep dandelions with salt, pour hydrochloric acid and even burned with a blowtorch! Unfortunately, all of these methods can bring discomfort and pose a danger not only to the weeds, but also for the surrounding vegetation, and even for your home. So let's look at the methods of safer and more effective.

For example, the mechanical removal of plants. This is primarily a regular mowing dandelions and uprooting them from the soil with the help of special tools. Important - do it the most productive during the phase of budding and flowering, when the ability of plants to regenerate noticeably lowered!

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Mowing dandelions have regularly, at least once a week, and low enough - right at ground level. This should eventually lead to the depletion of the root system, which will be forced to again and again to expend energy on the formation of new rosettes of leaves and stems.

If you have enough time and effort to fight each individual plant, good yield will use specialized tools for uprooting weeds in or out of the land. This special shovel narrow web, ploskorezy different shapes and square roots removers, drift pistols - the range of such tools in garden centers and online stores every year only grows.

As we have already mentioned - beveled and uprooted plants dandelions in any case can not be left on a plot of dry rot, or that they are not contaminated, and again did not infect your lawn and beds.

If dandelions flooded land, unfortunately, not do without chemical control agents - herbicides, no matter how ardent supporter of the lack of chemistry on the lawn in the garden and you did not consider themselves.

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Chemically destroy the dandelion should be in the spring and summer, when all the processes in plants are quite intensively. The best treatment time - a phase of radical leaves before weed bud and ripen its seeds volatile. Autumn is sprayed with herbicide will be much less effective.

Chemicals-herbicides are different classes:

  • Some act selectively on certain types of plants - dandelion suitable for anti rhizomatous weeds (Metafen, Sniper, Killeks, Lintur etc.).
  • Others have a wide (continuous) spectrum of action and prolonged oppress absolutely all of the plants, which will get (Agrokiller, Roundup, Ground, tornado, etc.).

Methods of application (. Spray, spot-on, etc.) and dose for each herbicide calculated individually - carefully read the package with instructions! Also do not forget about personal protection measures - it is still very strong and aggressive chemicals.

Of course, all the above measures will struggle are ineffective without regular preventive maintenance of occurrence of dandelions on the site - and a deep spring autumn digging the soil, mulching mandatory ridges and paths, weeding cultural planting, sowing lawn grass in the bare spots territory.

Now that you know how to deal with dandelions, and will be able to choose an effective method (or combination thereof) that is right for your site.

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