Ants on the site: harm or benefit?

  • Dec 27, 2019
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Subject ants at their summer cottage is one of the most controversial among gardeners. Some believe that these insects bring a portion of the benefit, while others argue that the damage delivered ants too large.

The question really was not mixed. To understand it, I decided to collect all the positive and negative aspects of these insects. They turned out to be quite a lot, so I have described below only the most basic.

Harm from the neighborhood with ants

Despite its small size, the ants are able to deliver a real headache to any gardener. Here are just a few reasons not to love these little insects:

  • Ants Home Friends aphids. Symbiosis of these insects is a real danger for many vegetable crops;
  • Ants increase soil acidity, it is not like most of the useful plants;
  • Large colonies of ants eat the berries, fruits and even roots, whose composition is sugar. Extracts from insects and some kinds of flowers;
  • Making underground tunnels, ants disturb the root system of plants;
  • Many weeds spread over the site, with the help of these small insects.
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The negative aspects of a lot, but is there any positive qualities?

Benefit from the proximity to the ants

In fact, the neighborhood with the ants has a lot of positives. The most basic:

  • Ants saturate the soil beneficial trace elements, which are necessary for plant growth and development. For example, they include phosphorus and potassium in easily digestible form.
    However, outside the permanent habitat ants, the concentration of such substances is quite low;
  • Garden ants are ardent opponents of many garden pests. They destroy the larvae, caterpillars, spider mites and other parasites. And in large enough quantities;
  • Due to its numerous passages and manholes, ants improve the soil structure. Earth starts oxygenated improves water exchange.


Personally, I think that the ants do more harm than good. After all, their positive aspects of minor importance for the garden, but the negative constitute a real problem. What do you think? Ants help you?

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