Activated carbon for soil improvement: cheap panacea

  • Dec 27, 2019

In this article I will talk about this simple and accessible means, such as activated carbon. Not many know, but this drug can be a great companion for any gardener. The fact that it has some unique features that allow you to improve the quality of the soil, as well as to resist many infections.

We used to buy charcoal in small packs of 10 tablets. However, this volume is suitable except for the care of indoor plants. For garden work best buy 8 liter bag, which will fit around 4 kg of the preparation. So it will be much more practical and cheaper.

Now let's talk about the beneficial properties of coal and its application methods.

1. It clears the ground

Sooner or later, in any soil accumulate harmful substances and even heavy metals. This occurs due to the use of purchased fertilizers, various chemicals and other vital processes. Even if you are driving a fully subsistence farming, harmful substances accumulate all the same. Although in smaller quantities.

The activated carbon can reduce the amount of noxious substances contained in the soil. To this must be added regularly in fertile soil.

A particularly important application of coal at locations where previously used herbicides.

2. Reduces the acidity of the soil

Activated charcoal reduces the acidity of the soil, which is favorable for the growth and development of most vegetable crops.

However, I would not advise to use activated carbon only for deoxidation soil. Such a procedure would be much more expensive than conventional liming.

This coal property is a pleasant bonus during feedings and other procedures.

3. Combats fungus and mold

Activated carbon is an excellent remedy against mold and mildew on the surface of the soil. tablets (pellets) is sufficiently crushed into a fine powder and sprinkle the affected land.

Powdered activated carbon may be added into water even. For example, during the rooting of cuttings.

4. As plant nutrition

The solution of the activated carbon is used as a top dressing for young and adult plants. This drug stimulates the growth and development of the root system and the soil nourishes a number of useful minerals.


Do not add the soil entire activated carbon granules. They can seriously disrupt the water exchange.

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