Useful use of plastic bottles in the country (Part 4)

  • Dec 27, 2019

Earlier, I wrote about what useful devices can be made from old plastic bottles. But imagination and resourcefulness of Russian truckers simply inexhaustible. In this article, I have collected a few more ways to use this recycled.

1. Mosaic plugs

Multi-colored stoppers from old plastic bottles are ideal for creating the mosaic. Of them can put intricate patterns, designs or drawings. Stoppers decorate fences, sheds, wall compost pits and other wooden surface.

To create a mosaic, you must first assemble it on a flat surface, then mark the pattern on the wall, and already only then nailed cork. Otherwise, the pattern may be different from what you imagined.

Plugs can be nailed to the wall with nails, but it is much more convenient to use screws and a screwdriver.

2. Ladle or spoon

you can cut a great scoop or spoon from a two-liter plastic bottle. Of course, such a device is not suitable for eating the food, but they can be mixed feeding and decoctions for the plants.

One bottle can receive up to four of these spoons. To handle does not bend, it can be rolled into a tube securing conventional tape.

Cutting through the small teeth, our device can be used as a horticultural blades.

If a pair of scissors to cut the bottle hard, they can be replaced by a metal saw or hot knife.

It is said that because of the size of a shovel is very convenient to make small furrows for planting.

3. Toilet paper holder

Of the five-liter plastic canisters can get reliable toilet paper holder. It's enough to cut the bottom of the cut in the walls of the bottle round holes and threaded through them stick.

The same design can be used as a holder of paper towels in the kitchen.

Unlike cheap Chinese counterparts, this design does not break in a month and will serve for many years. The weakest point of such holder - a pen. Over time, it may break off, so it is better to wrap the tape.

4. street chair

Of the large number of plastic bottles can be glued lightweight and durable chair. Since the design does not get wet, it is not necessary to clean up the house in the evening.

You can make any chair sizes and variations, limited only by their imaginations. On the finished design is better to sew fabric cover under which to put a few pillows.

Is this seat of several cubes glued tape from plastic bottles. All bottles must be of the same size and shape, or structure may warp.

5. Shutters for windows

From the bottoms of transparent plastic bottles, you can make an original shutter the windows. For this we need only fishing line, an awl and a little patience.

Use these blinds can be on the street or in rooms with high humidity. For example, in baths, showers, pergolas, etc.

The design perfectly transmits sunlight, but it does not look out the window from a distance. Free and practical.

Even more ways to beneficial use of plastic bottles you can find on my site - Useful use of plastic bottles in the country (Part 5)