How to get rid of slugs in the garden

  • Dec 27, 2019

Any gardener knows that the struggle with the slugs in the garden - it's not easy. These pests have one important feature that allows them to successfully resist various poisons and chemicals. If the clam body gets poison pest simply get rid of the mucus layer that envelops the body. Thereby leaving unscathed from the poisoned places.

Novice gardeners are trying to deal with slugs using an eggshell or pine needles. But this is a mistake. These funds can not destroy the pest. Such methods can briefly block the path of a mollusk, but the destruction and speech can not be.

It should be understood that even if the slug can not get to one plant, it will spread to the other. Shellfish will not move to another location due to the fact that stumbled on spruce needles. The nature of such obstacles at every step and slugs are easily bypassed.

Use spruce needles as an obstacle - a bad idea. Over time, they shall be melted to become softer and lose their sense of every kind.

How to defeat the slugs?

Despite the fact that slugs are able to dump contaminated layer after the chemical attack, they do so may be a limited number of times. Usually, no more than three. That is why, to cut slugs should be carried out 2 or 3-stage chemical treatment.

Everything is done very simply. In the store to buy any drug against slugs and prepared according to the instructions. After that, we wait until late in the evening and treat places where this pest. We make a half-hour break and hold another treatment. The intensity must be the same or even stronger. Our task poison pests that have thrown off the protective layer. Process and again leave for a break.

After the second break (two treatments), you need to check the position of the enemy. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

No matter what medication you are going to use, be sure to observe the principle of multiple treatments. Otherwise, pest simply will throw off the infection and continue to attack the garden.

This method allows you to destroy all the pests, not just scare the neighbors.

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