Useful use of old metal buckets at the cottage

  • Dec 27, 2019

I am sure that every gardener in the country are old metal bucket, which just lie around. Some have come off the handle, the other rusted, in general, for they are no longer suitable.

In this article I want to talk about how to adapt old bucket for the benefit of your site. It turns out that this can be recycled to make a lot of useful.

1. Making small flowerbed

By applying a little imagination, from old cans can make a small neat flower beds. Best of all, they will look in a particular composition. For example, you can make a ladder, a fountain or even hang on chains.

If the old bucket sealed in the bottom of it is better to make a few holes. This will improve drainage and air circulation.

To rusty bucket looked better, they can be painted or sanded.

Some gardeners polished buckets to shine, so that they reflect the sun's rays on a fine day. This mirror bed will not only look beautiful, but also scare away the birds from the garden.

2. sheltering plants

Old buckets, as well as plastic containers, suitable for sheltering small plants from the cold. For air circulation in them, you can make holes, which will be closed for the night.

Unlike plastic bottles, you just need to put the bucket on the ground. It will take a little bit into the ground under its own weight. You do not need to press, otherwise you will damage the roots.

If rusty bucket, walk on it a skin scrape basic pieces of rust and dull the sharp edges. Otherwise, you may damage the arm when'll shoot design.

3. Make a shelf

From old buckets that do not lose their appearance, you can make a comfortable ledge near the barn. This design is perfect for the storage of the hose, dirty blades and garden equipment.

From a small bucket may make the shelf next to the wash basin. There can be folded soap and towel - great design will save them from the rain. If desired, in a bucket, you can make a few wooden shelves.

Attach the bucket to the wall with screws is best, so you can always take off and move the structure.

If you leave the bucket handle, it will be possible to hang a towel or glove.

4. As a basis for the foundation

Older buckets that have not lost their shape, can be used as the foundation for a bath, or a makeshift shed. For this purpose, it is necessary to fill the container with concrete, to add reinforcement (old nails, thick wire, metal profile, corners, etc.) and wait until the solution solidifies.

Thus, we get a solid concrete block, which can be used as the foundation for lightweight construction.

It is not recommended to use a rusty and rotten bucket, best suited those who have just come off loops for pens.

5. We make a flower garden

Bucket can be used not only as the basis for a bed, but also for decoration flower bed. The most common composition - an overturned bucket "poured" colors.

Also, there are other compositions, for example, with water spilling. The bucket is inserted into the hose and created a small waterfall. Flower bed is made out among the rocks. It looks very impressive.

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