How to get rid of ants on pions

  • Dec 27, 2019

I am sure that every gardener noticed in his whole company pions ants. These insects for a long time sitting on the flower buds, crawling on the twigs and leaves. What are they doing and how to get rid of them?

In this short article I want to talk about their experiences of struggle with ants on peony. I have to say, trying to get rid of these insects were many, but the result gave only one. On it will be discussed in this article.

Why ants are so fond of peonies

Peonies for ants, it's like valerian to the cat. More favorite places in the area - you will not find. And there are three main reasons:

  • Ants are very fond of the nectar, which is present in large quantities on peony buds. In addition to its palatability, it contains a lot of nutrients that are needed for insect life;
  • Peony is an excellent strategic location for the creation of an ant nest. His bushy branches well protected from the weather and the "prying eyes";
  • Peonies are very fond of aphids, which the ants are always "walking a pair."

Represent any danger for ants peony

Despite its small size, the ants are a real danger for the peony. Small droplets they draw nectar from the buds, resulting in dehydration of the plant.

Ant the whole family settled in peony roots, can completely destroy the flower. Not immediately, but slowly and surely. Therefore, the fight against the ants need to start as soon as you notice them.

How I managed to cope with ants

I do not use purchased chemicals in their area, and this time do not become an exception. We found and adapt, and old folk method. It consisted of several stages:

  • In the first place, it was necessary to destroy the ants nest itself. For this I used the hot ash. Carefully loosen the earth around the flower, to understand where the ant house. But once he was gone to ruin. First ignited fire and hot ash produced. After she stirs the nest and fell asleep its coals.
    (Just be careful not to burn the roots of the flower). Also, all the processed ash tree trunks;
  • After the destruction of the ant nests I handled all the leaves and buds decoction of bay leaf. This was supposed to scare the insects that might Welcome to the peony from other nests;
  • In order to secure the effect, I rubbed the base of trunks peony grated garlic. (Milled garlic, put in a gauze and wipe the barrel juice);

After this procedure, the ants on the pion in the year, I did not observe.

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