Getting rid of hogweed in the area "without problems"

  • Dec 27, 2019

Unlike many other weeds, cow parsnip may be dangerous not only for the vegetable crops, but also for the individual. Its juice increases the skin's sensitivity to ultraviolet rays, due to which the victim receives a severe sunburn. Defeat so severe that in most cases, a person needs medical care. Sometimes massive burns are fatal.

Fight hogweed should immediately after the first signs of his presence. We must not tarry. This unpretentious weed grows very quickly and is a serious threat.

By the way, the destruction of hogweed has recently become the responsibility of every owner of the site. For large bushes can get an official fine. However, summer residents is not particularly concerned, we are talking about legal entities.

In order to combat hogweed was effective, we need to carefully examine the enemy. Let's look at its strengths and weaknesses, it will help us in the future war.

Weaknesses hogweed

In hogweed not many weaknesses, but they do exist.

  • Hogweed grows only on dry soils with good drainage. Wet places with stagnant water, this plant is contraindicated;
  • For growth and development of hogweed needs a lot of sunlight. Shady spots did not attract;
  • After flowering and maturing seed parent plant dies;
  • Hogweed is unable to replicate with the help of the root system;
  • The roots of plants are relatively small. Their length is about 30 cm .;
  • Hogweed seeds easily destroy a thick layer of soil or mulch.

Strengths hogweed

Cow parsnip has a number of strengths that make this weed is a real problem for many gardeners.

  • Cow parsnip is pollinated by yourself. The absence of insects will not have a negative impact on its distribution;
  • Cold not only kill hogweed seeds, and make them even stronger;
  • Hogweed is a very powerful and fast plant. It easily replaces a culture rivaling them;
  • Seeds remain viable even after 10 years of peace;
  • After complete removal of the barrel, parsnip easily regenerated from basal buds;

Getting rid of hogweed

Dispose of cow parsnip is necessary in several stages. This is a very strong and hardy plant. Usually, the fight lasts 2-3 season.

Work with this plant should be carried out only in special clothes, which completely covers the body and head. Otherwise, you can get severe burns.

Step 1. remove cow parsnip

We need to destroy all the green part of the plant, as well as the root system. To this end, an ax to chop off the stalk, finely shinkuem and send it for incineration. No need to keep hogweed in their area and make it compost.

Further, each root dig to a depth of at least 30 cm. and to remove any residues. The root system is also sent for incineration, together with the green part.

Step 2. Tightly mulching the ground

Once a plant with roots completely removed, you must firmly zamulchirovat ground. This is done so that the seeds are in the soil could not germinate and become a new generation of hogweed.

Sawdust, tree branches, leaves, grass and other similar waste, we will not do. Weed too tenacious. Mulching is necessary to use a thick film does not transmit light. It needs to be pressed to the ground with boards or bricks. If you leave the space, cow parsnip and sprout damage the film.

The next season after mulching, cleaned the area is planted with grass lawn. If done correctly, you can forget about weed.

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