Ceps grow in their area

  • Dec 27, 2019

Despite the fact that many gardeners friends told me: "Cultivation of white mushrooms on their summer cottage - is a myth. It makes no sense to do it. The harvest will not be. "I still decided to try it. And you know, the result exceeded all my expectations. Maybe I just got lucky, but for the first prolific year I collected about 4 kilograms of white mushrooms. Now I tell you how I got it.

Millet as white fungus will not grow. They demand a special conditions and a little care. But, there is nothing complicated and expensive.

Just I want to say that there are two basic ways to planting white fungus. The first - with the help of the mycelium. II - using natural seed.
Because mycelium I did not, I took advantage of the second method.

We grow white mushrooms

Create favorable conditions for the growth of white mushroom is not as difficult as it seems. We need:

  • Wood hardwood or softwood;
  • Straw, small branches;
  • A lot of water for irrigation.

If all you need is available, proceed to the landing. "Planting" white mushrooms can be throughout the summer - beginning in May and ending in mid-September.

Step 1. Gathering "seed"

Since the mycelium I did not, for the seed material, I went to a nearby forest. I had to go several times, since mushrooms must meet the following requirements:

  • Mushroom must be ripe but not rotten;
  • The cap should be the size of 12 to 18 cm .;
  • You need to pick mushrooms in those trees, to which they will be planted in the future;
  • We will need 7-10 mushrooms.

Step 2. Training "seed material "

Now we turn to the preparation of the seed. To this end, soaked in a bucket of clean water 7-10 mushrooms (Depending on their size) and leave them for a day. The next day, knead hands mushrooms so as to obtain a homogeneous mass.

Next we filter homogenous mass through a strainer or gauze. The water reserve in the same bucket, and the pulp is deposited in another. When planting, we need both the material.

Step 3. Site preparation for planting

Now the most difficult - you need to prepare the site for planting. For this I chose a young fir tree, which grows in the corner of the area around the ditch. (You can take any other deciduous or coniferous tree)

Remove the top layer of soil around a tree in a radius of about 1 meter. This will be our future "bed".

Step 4. "Sowing"

On bare ground pour our solution of 2.5 liters per 1 sq. meter. Top evenly decompose mushroom flesh and bury the ground. The fact that we were removed from the around-trunk circle.

Now carefully pour the flower bed with plenty of water. It will take 40-50 liters per tree. Watering must be carefully, so as not to erode the land.

Now camouflage the resulting bed of a thick layer of straw and twigs. It is necessary to maintain a constant humidity.

Step 5. Care

Now our "flower bed" must be watered regularly. It is necessary to maintain a constant humidity and to prevent drying out.

To protect from frost, "flower bed" can be concealed with moss or leaf litter. In the spring of this mulch is removed.


Harvest will be in two years after the "landing". In favorable conditions, the mycelium can produce fruit up to 5 years. It is only necessary to maintain a constant humidity.

As it turned out, all is not so difficult, it was said to many gardeners. And you know your mushrooms seemed to me delicious forest.

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