Wife asked to do from home-made pipes, proceed

  • Dec 28, 2019

Who in that much of polypropylene pipe products is widespread on the Internet. With inexpensive soldering can sculpt all kinds of designs. In one article I described how from the "Polycom" has been forced to do men - lamps. Who cares poryskat channel, article released recently.

But this time, received an order from his wife. For homemade need a soldering iron, scissors. Two meters of the pipe. corners and tees, M 10 bolts.

First, you need to solder a piece here.

To her welds 40 cm. tube.

The most difficult to prepare a clamping joint. To adjust the height.

Detail of the numeral 0 and 1 put their soldering and heated. Item number 2 is not in the Sui svarochnik.

After heating parts 0 and 1 insert it in a cold area, part 2. And starting in the compound slide. Not allowing welded to the cold parts. It should get the hinge. Photo below.

Further drilled corners centered under 10 cm 10 M bolt. Pushes the bolt.

Get here is a hinged connection with the clamping wing nut.

A little to improve the design, drowned in the heated bolt area. Thus avoid the rotation of the bolt.

The most important detail in homemade ready.

As a result, we get a lovely stand of polypropylene with a movable hinge. An important feature, it is possible to adjust the position of toys in height, which is very important for the development of a child's touch.

Reception for children from 0-6 months.
Reception for children from 0-6 months.

Rack tested. Stability is good. It looks decent. A similar design on the Internet is not met. We ought to patent it. While there, use the idea of ​​health.
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