Why Plumber cutting pipe thread

  • Dec 28, 2019

When installing the pipeline I have them all the time to cut. Iron pipe sawing grinder (LBM). Plastic, metal and cut special scissors instrumentom-. There are cases that for some reason do not reach the scissors to the object, which produces the installation of the pipeline, or stupidly break. Naturally have to spend time and to return them or buy new ones.

But there are options that you can do without them. To do this, use the saw blade of a hacksaw on metal or a hacksaw on wood. Well, or eventually use angle grinders. Using all this for cutting plastic instead of scissors dreary occupation, hacksaw long grinder cumbersome.

Recently saw a video on all known video sharing, there it was that the plastic pipe can be in a minute cut a nylon thread. This idea intrigued me, suddenly come in handy. Cut the pipe in a remote place where there prolazili scissors.

Check life hacking

For the experiment, we need a monofilament thread and polypropylene tube DN 20.

We stretch nylon thread as a string, taking care not to damage his arm.

I am trying movements there, here, crashing back into the tube, turned, but with great difficulty.

But I sold, my cable-string snapped.

Well, I think that there is something wrong. In fact it turned blogger. I try again. But the thread back tears. I try again, the same story. Udals five minutes to cut the tube in half ...

In the end it turned out that a nylon thread is difficult to cut polypropylene tube. The matter is that when there is a cutting process, plastic thread and are heated due to friction, so kapronka deeper into the pipe. However, the melting point of nylon filament 215 degrees, and 250 degrees from polypropylene. Therefore, our thread breaks earlier than the cut pipe.

But there is the thought that it is necessary to take the thread of thinner and working, cutting the thread take longer so that she had time to cool. What do you think about this?