With a little thought could stand to make from the drill grinding

  • Dec 28, 2019

Your purchase on Aliekspress I managed to "put" two "eared". Save money on the purchase of drilling and grinding machine in your favorite garage. Where as usual something rented and master channel readers "Timofei Mikhailov".

Thought to buy a special rack for the garage there after my hands were well Zadar drill since the Soviets. I went through it and upgraded by bringing always-on switch.

She is a stand here in unassembled that:

A bit of quality. Before you order a Pribluda garage, stared at videos on YouTube to find the very same, high-quality rack. Its assembly took 10 minutes. When assembled, it looks like this:

Pictures are clickable when viewing from a computer.
Pictures are clickable when viewing from a computer.

In appearance like a regular Chinese crap. But cast iron frame, A platform well milled. In compounds minimum clearanceWhere they should be regulated.

drilling rack

It is time for her to marry a slow-speed drill "CELMA" I talked about it earlier. The clamp rack elektrosverlilka became well and strong. No hint that from there she can jump.

Further, it was possible to try it, be sure to drill metal and just-in 1.5 mm. Other materials such as wood and plastic does not deliver a hassle.

Grinder, grinding machine

But this did not end its possibilities. If the rack expand horizontally into the socket to tighten the Velcro sanding with sandpaper it turns grinder.

If using a grinder stone, and set all the grain has not changed. Here the skin can be easily changed. You can instantly set the desired granularity.

To celebrate, I brought all the knives out of the house, I have never so perfectly honed cutting instrument- not perfect.

Unfortunately there is a downside to this sharpening wife and I began to constantly cut my fingers used to it.

Of course such a stand will not replace your real drilling machine, do not expect it from excess capacity. But if you hand are constantly itching that any tinkering, such stanochek find its place in your household. Current price racks 2 in 1 online aliekspress - link

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