As the mastic is flax plumber.

  • Dec 28, 2019

One of the most common piping connections under pressure is threaded. Tighten any thread can, and sealed properly is not always possible, so the water finds a weak spot and begin leaking.

In our market there are several sealing materials which I have tried and I have about them a value judgment.

1) Sealing thread. I do not use expensive at large diameters.

2) Fum tape. Rarely used only at the transition plastic - Brass (iron).

3) Thread sealant. It requires cleanliness, time for curing, only the assembly of the new plumbing.

4) Len with a sealing grease. Good old material having widespread in many prof. plumbers.

An important property of flax

When defective sealing occurs using flax wetting material absorbs liquid, expands preroll. Thereby filling the micro holes and sealing the thread even more - to flow stops.

How to pack thread

In order to put the seal on the thread take a small strand of flax.

Thumb presses for flax thread, retreating 10 cm from the end of the strand.

We produce the first coil winding, pressing firmly.

Drum until the end of the thread, the last thread turn can be left open.

The remaining strand shakes back so as to form a cone

Encountered two ends of strands collect into one and rotate down the thread.

We cheat tight hand on linen thread. To preroll took fitting shape.

Apply sealing paste on reeling.

Previously used instead of paste silicone sealant. But with special paste pleasant rabotat- odorless, does not stick to hands.

Then, using the keys on the cheat thread fitting.

Key in the transformer.
Key in the transformer.

Cone preroll thread avoids moments lack sealing material.

Practice shows hermetically compound, threads do not burst.

For those who need videoformat- please:

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