Disassembled washing machine and gave a second life to the drain pump.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Faulty washing machine inevitably horrifies housewives. Wash by hand the current generation can not and do not want to. Therefore, failure washing is a tragedy for all family members. Usually saga ends with stiralka buying a new unit.

Source Yandex photographic images.
Source Yandex photographic images.

The fact that the home appliances of the last 10-15 years is programmed to artificial accelerated obsolescence. In my washing machine has broken drum, namely ribs made of aluminum, which are oxidized in our water, and a drum caught imbalance, he served for 7 years.

We bought a new washing machine, and I made out the old. And remove the 2 helpful veschi- motor and pump. About engine talk like a next time.

Drain pump stiralki

The same unit in the housing of the washing machine eject the dirty water with a special buzz. By the way at the bottom of vidos, do not forget to look.

First of all the question arose, how to connect it to the network without consequences. But it turned out neither of which is a complex, three wires. Blue-zero. Korichnevyy- phase. White ground. Connect the blue and brown. Note, if the fork to turn the impeller rotation is not changed.

As can be seen in the photo above, the pump has found its place on my bench. he plays the role of the circulation pump. On the circulation pump note is worth at least "two rubles." I save money on purchases.

What did stand, I'll tell you later. But with his help I was able to find out the performance drenazhnika.

Water flows from the storage barrel to our pump rises to the level of one meter.

Further, through the check valve, the filter (without the filter screen) enters the gauging counter.

At the time recorded chstarta 1 cubic meter of 200 liters.

After half an hour of the pump (for more I did not have, bubbling water forced to constantly run to the toilet) has run 1 435 cubic liters. 235 liters has passed through the meter for a half hour. This volume is multiplied by 2. As a result, we get the approximate amount of distilled liquid 470 litas per hour. Approximately 0.5 cubic meters per hour.

What can I use the pump from stiralki

  1. Pumping of fluid from one container to another.
  2. The circulation of coolant in the brewed apparatus
  3. Overflow is not very dirty liquid

And other options at your discretion.

I hope the information was useful to you. From SW. Timofei Mikhailov.