Need advice on which brand to choose the instrument? So as not to "sit in the overshoe."

  • Dec 28, 2019

In your home is likely to have a cordless tool, at least it is a screwdriver. And I had too, but exactly a year ago, my "Shura", was left unattended on the construction site. There we make installation of the pipeline. Of course my "assistant" grown legs - was stolen.

By the way is not the first case in the construction always something komunizdyat, especially when there are going heterogeneous finishers and fitters.

In recent times, not often come across large work on the plumbing and there I use the normal network, not brand tools: screwdriver, hammer, grinder. They are not particularly interesting to fans of other people's good.

But to be honest, somehow tired of running after the outlet. It's time to get on the battery-powered tool.

flour choice

A week I am trying to select a set of tools, a brand with interchangeable batteries. Number of brands with every day more and more. While I focused on these 3 firms with spices. line of interchangeable batteries:

Metabo 18 V

  • drill - 10959 p (Batteries included)
  • LBM - 10999 on p. (Accum as a gift)
  • screwdriver - 7599 p (Batteries not included)
  • Total cost: 29 557 p
  • Pricey set, horse Shura price tags on the battery.


  • drill - 5 139 p (Akkum complete offline)
  • LBM - 3 409 R. R. (Batteries not)
  • screwdriver - 4 159 R. (Batteries included)
  • Battery by powerful 4 799 p. (I had to add)
  • Total cost: 17506 p
  • The cheapest set, but the reviews are not very good.

Ryobi ONE +

  • drill - 10490 on p. (Accum as a gift)
  • LBM - 6490 p. (Accum as a gift)
  • screwdriver - 6000 (Batteries included)
  • Total cost: 22980 on p.
  • Decent amount goes, but I think the game is worth the candle.

For the money, gritting her purse, I tend to cordless power tools line - Ryobi ONE +. There were other options for the company bosch, but it did not work out I have a positive impression about this brand, so - by. Just begs Makita to purchase, but the price tag at it the same as in Metabo and even higher in some places. Therefore, also in the "flight".

Price tag on the "mobile friends" may vary, so current information can be viewed at link.

Well aware that this kind of tool does not replace the power network devices. But I impresses them mobility, the lack of binding to the wire. No need to painfully search for an outlet and an extension cord.

Over time, battery power will rise and humanity certainly give up the wires in most devices. Therefore, we go to the "bright future".

What do you think about my choice? Maybe yes well it will work in the old way?