Plastic pipes are dangerous to health. I so my grandmother said

  • Dec 28, 2019

I work as a plumber. The other day there was an interesting dialogue with my client, I note immediately that she was a person aged, home is always clean, it looks very neat. These people are all works quickly and without problems. her name was Baba Nadia. In her apartment to make replacement of tired mixer.

water faucet.
water faucet.

At the end of work Baba Nadia It stunned me a proposal:

- "Son you can replace the tube."

I - "So you changed the pipes last year and they perfectly fulfill their function, good pressure, stacked without the" stocks ". "

Baba Nadia - "I want them to be exchanged for iron, plastic pipe is very bad, we drink this water and grass. I still live hunting and grandchildren to college send. And with such water will not live up to this point.

I - "And who told you that?" I was terribly interesting, who spread such information? Do girlfriends had heard near the entrance.

Baba Nadia - "Yesterday came the uncle, the whole in such a beautiful jacket. He showed some crust, to provide workers with sanitary and epidemiological stations and stated that they conduct educational work. He told me about that plastic pipes with chlorine water purification harm the body and cause cancer. Therefore, you need additional protection in the form of water filter, retaining all of the heavy metals. "

I - "And what they offer you water filter?"

Baba Nadia "Over 20 thousand rubles, but I told them that I have no such money, to which they replied that I can make allowances for me and sell cleaning station Total 15 thousand. But I really had no money at home. I barely managed them show the door. After their visit, I do not sleep all night and worry about their health... Can replacement of pipes in the iron will? "- she turned to me.

I draw readers' attention to the fact that the neighbors water risers were of iron, and it is believed that the wiring and replacement of the riser back to the iron, will help solve the problem of "poisoning"
Sprue, iron, polypropylene.
Sprue, iron, polypropylene.

I had Baba Nadia hold educational program on the material of which it made pipe.

Polypropylene tubes advantages-

  • not expensive
  • It does not emit harmful substances at a temperature in the urban water potable water (60-70 gr.).
  • Long service life up to 50 years.
  • Not overgrow inside the scale and corrosion.
  • Do not rot and does not deteriorate for installation in apartments.
  • Beautiful and easy installation.
Wiring pipes.
Wiring pipes.

After the story about all the advantages Baba Nadia I calmed down. But still I asked her to pick up inexpensive water filter: "To calm the nerves" My business is small, it is said, done.

water filter.
water filter.

I hope I have conveyed to you useful information if this is the case, then let mark plumber "kid-skin"For effort! Thanks.