Again Wise. Make sidebar tank polipropilennovymi couplings.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Today got it into his head to make a stand for your channel. What is it for? I'll tell you in the following articles. So it has a storage tank for water from old cans. It is necessary to make a frame by 1/2 of the pipe diameter. special union was not in the garage. Poraskinuv "brains" under the hand caught two combined, plastic couplings DN 20 mm. I have enough of them. I work as a plumber, the more I am able to restore the b / u fittings, and how to do it? This was at the end.

Paul cans stand.
Paul cans stand.

In order to plug the coupling is necessary to drill the vessel and insert inside the outer sleeve. I have two holes in the canister. One of the water inlet, the other output.

Combined clutch.
Combined clutch.

For sealing compound using conventional rubber gasket 20 mm in diameter.

Further, it is twisted by a combined clutch with an internal thread. Delaying of the "soul".

Further, any solder polypropylene pipe or fitting.

This way you can make a frame to any capacity. But use life hacking in that case if you have a "soldering". And you certainly have it, if not, then read the article

here, about how cheap soldering rescues and even allows you to earn money.

Recovery of plastic fittings link-here.

In general, the beginning I stand ready.

Brough, click on the pan!