Just get rid of prosby- GIVE debt, bro

  • Dec 28, 2019

In our country, people leading asocial way of life are available in each locality. These people have no where to work and therefore do not have their own means of subsistence, they parasitize or on elderly parents, pensioners, or live on his disability pension or other social payments. God is with them, do not work. But they consume alcohol substitutes in the form of hawthorn, all kinds fanfurikov. Or find swipes a moonshine sold in residential areas.

You are always welcome.
You are always welcome.

In a drunken stupor, they handful near an entrance and collect "penny" for another dose. These meetings are very unpleasant to many residents of homes. According to the idea of ​​such "marginal" should be isolated from society and engage in public works for the benefit of the city. But in our country lost the practice of parasites isolated. As it was in the country of the Soviets 30 years ago.

I'm working as a plumber, many marginal in my area know me and question-request: "Give in Bro debt of 10, 50, 100 rubles was usual for me." Naturally no one then the money does not return. If ever they "borrow" something in their brain, the remaining neurons generate in you the image of man "patron" who can always ask for "loot".

I used to fall into their conversational ploy, and lent a trifle. So I became for them a kind of ATM which they shot melochuhu. Essentially ceased to give them anything. Even mat sent. Once I had to physically press the renegade... But all these methods have not worked on the "bottom" of our society.

Solution of the problem

A year ago, I was able to get rid of such requests. No, I do not "presanul" in the nearby woods and moved to a private home. And I decided this question in one simple step:

If you constantly, asking for a loan, approaches the same person you need to give him a sum less than he requested, and say: "The money I give to you in return for what you have more in the future, can not approach to me to begNEVER."
Give in debt.
Give in debt.

What's in your head, it occurs in alcoholics and parasites do not know me after these words. But what they may come up to me to beg for alms. If sometimes they forget, remind them about the gift.

I hope I have conveyed to you useful information if this is the case, then let mark plumber "kid-skin"For effort! Thanks.