Why bowl in white.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Almost all the plumbing is done in white, with a few exceptions. This hotel has a secret meaning. "With daily visual impact on the" sticks "and" cones "eye, there is an influence on the long-term memory centers. Therefore, people forget about everything bad that made us Americans. "So I began to write, if the writer worked on" TV 3 "

But in fact all the plumbing and toilets are a number of reasons for which they are almost always white.

Why white plumbing?
Why white plumbing?

1) On the white easier to see dirt. Chirkunov white wash the toilet more often than a brush on the black or pink.

2) White plumbing cheaper color. pottery painting costly. Implementation of color plumbing longer time than pure white.

3) White santehpriborov better fit into any design idea.

4) When the water streaks, limescale less visible than in color.

5) On the white stains less visible after washing and dust.

6) White plumbing is less likely to lose one's attraction than color.

White toilet.
White toilet.

Test: you are given the black and white cotton buds to clean the ears... What do you choose? Naturally white, they can see the results of your work to clean the ears.

The main reason why sanitary white - is best seen dirt! White symbolizes purity.

Useful article on the plumbing on how to remove the acid-limestone on the toilet - link.