The third most nasty way to clean the toilet.

  • Dec 28, 2019

In normal families clogged toilet rare. Because they know - the toilet is not able to "digest" through his guts and hard objects such as dissolved purifications,apple or potato. sexual rags, hygiene products, napkins, tampons etc.

Remember! All this is thrown in the trash.

By the way toilet paper can be thrown at the mercy of the white chair, I wrote about it earlier.

The easiest way to release from captivity toilet blockage is to call a plumber. For a price he will free your throne and facilitate your wallet for a couple of bills.

There are options when you are able to self-clean the toilet from clogging, if not disdain. This is done in a domestic environment via a plastic bottle (method 1) or stretch film (method 2). Links to these articles with a full review of the operation at the end of this scribbling.

If you eat or you are too susceptible it is not recommended to read further.

Exist third cleaning method of the bowlFrom which some comrades reading the epic can be bad because of the development of the imagination.

Problem: when you press the flush button on the toilet water does not go away.

Decision: It is required to push the blockage.

We act: take the fist cloth. And shove his hand in "point... "

And there is no hurry, I almost forgot. Wrap a rag in hand with several layers of packages. Best of all bags of 25 kg. of "Magnit" they are great. Spun pacts on the hand, so to feces did not penetrate to your hand, your hand is this more girls or women hugging. So we try not to Mara.

After a complete sealing of the hands, overcoming his disgust and puts his hand into the belly white friend. At the narrowest point of the bowl, a hand and a rag bag acts as a piston. Excessive fluid pressure is created and the blockage breaks.

I did not call you a gag reflex? If you contrary to the dear sir I am deeply sorry for the hurt that your aristocratic nature.

Prochistka toilet bottle

Cleaning the toilet stretch film

Throw toilet paper into the toilet?

I hope I was able to bring you useful information, if this is so, then let mark plumber "kid-skin"For effort! Thanks.