A new feature of welding machine which you do not know. Benefit fishermen and hunters.

  • Dec 28, 2019

In recent years, the pipeline of polypropylene has become very popular. Cheapness and ease of installation make their case. For the welding of pipes and fittings used welding equipment, in common iron or soldering iron. At the moment, the price of Chinese irons is very low and many domestic masters have them on his farm. Surely your belt in Zen is full of homemade products of plastic pipes. You, too, can make such products, if not stingy and acquire this unit.

Working handpiece body, the heating temperature may range from 250 to 300 c and c. Celsius. This interval starts pipe polypropylene melts. In this mode, the hot parts of the pipeline can be welded to each other, this process has its own name-evendiffusion welding.

new feature

Furthermore soldering pipes "iron" can be used to perform other work. To do this, we need to get out of the range of 250-300 degrees, which is triggered by the thermostat. And our device raise the heating temperature to 400 degrees. But sadly but will have to make slight changes in svarochnik. We perform in the instrument hole next to the bulb thermostat.

On the cold flask unit take out half of the housing body of the heating element.

Thus, we have increased the threshold thermostat to 350-400 degrees. If you just remove the flask from nagrevatelnogo element that will trouble, the machine will burn or fire occurs, this is what I wrote in this state- link.

The very idea.

At a temperature of 320 degrees began to melt lead. And I could not resist and decided to make a wrought apparata- crucible. Which in retail can be purchased for 2500 rubles. Why pay extra ruble? With the crucible EASY and CONVENIENTLY to cast all possible goods for fishing from pasture lead. At the same time saving a lot of money do not purchase in the fishing mahazine.

To business

On the heating element itself I installed a nozzle for soldering of large diameter pipes. If you do not have a nozzle that can be used any kind of tin can.

In our self-made "crucible" load lead. And heats the unit. Keep in mind evaporation during melting of lead are harmful, use the hood, respirator or work outdoors.

Measured temperature. 340 degrees is sufficient for molded, lead. And at this temperature melts duralumin housing (600gr.).

As a result, we have turned a red-hot lead, ready to go in any form.

Especially for our readers flooded the video on YouTube.

Y versatility

Many would argue that if I need to I in a tin with a burner warm up and will lead me to happiness. Please do as you prefer. But - the crucible, is much more convenient to your amateurish. Just flask thermostat returned back into the housing, can again be safely welded pipe. Y versatility.

I hope I have conveyed to you useful information if this is the case, then let mark plumber "kid-skin"For effort! Thanks.

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