Versatile way to clean the toilet.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Each apartment can become clogged toilet. If you do not remove the blockage improvised means that feces may leak onto the floor and deliver a huge inconvenience. The most common cause of blockage becomes getting the plastic holder from the toilet freshener. One awkward movement and he refuses to faecal water. Many disdained to wash it down the drain. In no case do not do it! Stuck in the toilet bowl bend it settles toilet paper and leads to clogged. There are many reasons for blockages, but that's what I said earlier on the channel.

Toilet freshener.
Toilet freshener.

Clogged toilet, what to do?

1) Call plumbers and pay №-th sum.

2) Use to clean plastic bottle.

Call a plumber can any fool benefit to Avito a lot of ads. But what to do when finances are singing love songs? Or do you have awakened a great desire to show his family that were not born yesterday and eliminate the blockage itself.

Clogged toilet.
Clogged toilet.

We use a plastic bottle.

Find a plastic bottle is not a problem. Cut off from her half. The upper part with a cover will be used as a piston.

For earlier it is necessary to prepare the gloves and throw on some clothes you do not mind. Faeces has properties very strongly absorbed into the skin and stuff. If you are not afraid of fecal "smell", it is possible to clean the "point" with his bare hands. Just half a bottle, you can attach a stalk (photo 3), and perform them at a distance, reciprocating motion, back and forth. Due to the periodically increasing pressure before clogging, the fluid is forced. Clogging is eliminated!

After successful completion of this procedure can be proud to report that family members on visiting restrictions lifted toilet.

I hope I have conveyed to you useful information if this is the case, then let mark plumber "kid-skin"For effort! Thanks.