Homemade bereguschie nerves plumbing.

  • Dec 28, 2019

plumber work in the apartments of residents require nerves of steel and decent health. Sometimes you come across such customers that they want to send a three bukvy- in the forest, Take a walk to calm the nerves and clear his head. Fortunately, as a percentage of them not so much, about 5% to 95% adequate and friendly landlords. By itself, I'm kind to my "breadwinners", they employ respectively income.

For 15 years, "the installer santehpriborov" bred professional sores. Patients with aching knees and back, as well as on the disease is not reported. NOTI'm not complainingSuch work is my choice, and this is my cross.

I am bringing you smoothly to the fact that it is not necessary to complicate life for themselves and especially their plumbers are not far-sighted view of the repair of apartments. The last 10-15 years has become a fashion to make repairs, "apartments" and seal the communication santehpriborov for false walls.

Here it is necessary to change the siphon outside view.

He took off the door, inside view.

Here change counters, only lying!

The time comes to replace the shut-off valves, meters, replacement of hoses and other equipment and to them no access, in which case you will break his arms the dying tile just laid a month ago.

But these objects are in the window which is left, and break like that does not need to, but also to work almost impossible. So you have to dodge, lies next to the toilet to see the demolition industry, or climb to the kennel called kitchen sets. In the narrow windows you cut his hands on the plasterboard profile, and "breaks" the wrist.

I understand perfectly that these facilities will not be less so I had to make a home-made and spoil key.

To do this, it took me no outrage over the key demand of 27-30, to chisel it to 30-32. Selecting key middle cut it into two parts by a diagonal, thereby increasing the supporting part shortening key centimeter.

In a further key overgrown white shrink, to aesthetics, to please the eye. There is also a string, so as not to drop the key into the mine. When the clumsy actions can be key to sow without rope.

Thus mini key allows less Matyuk change the metering devices that keeps nerve cells and, accordingly, does not shorten life.

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