Life hacking from the plumbing. Using conventional package mounting fittings.

  • Dec 28, 2019

The use of sealing materials in the pipeline connections to my routine. I work as a plumber. From the materials that I use to seal carving favorite linen material with a sealing paste. Foum tape is used as a last resort. But this weekend had to use the trick of which is known to many experienced plumbers. But use it only in the very desperate situation.

Forced to recall this embodiment seal neighbor on dacha. Catching cleaning the adjacent territory to the country house neighbor called me, greeted me and said:

- "You work plumber please give reeling, you have to tap on the capacity to deliver. In the autumn of homeless people took off. Now set began, and seal carving nothing. "-

At that time in my car from sanitary swag it was nothing and I was asked to use a plastic bag. Looking at my neighbor said: "- A Th so you can "? -

"Pyaterochka" rescued!

Cut into a package from the store "Pyaterochka" on the ribbon 10 mm wide. podmotal thread on the principle of working with FUM tape and set the tap to their workplace. The only pressed against the thread of the polyethylene must be stronger. Fill the tank with water, a neighbor was satisfied. No leaks. The prospect to go for seal carving disappeared.

Tape wound onto the thread package of sliced.
Tape wound onto the thread package of sliced.

Use polyethylene for sealing the threaded connection in an extreme case may be. The water temperature should not exceed 50 degrees Celsius and make sure that the pressure in the water is not high.

From SW. your plumberTimofei Mikhailov.