Electronic thermometer for the soul. Works without batteries. With Aliekspress.

  • Dec 28, 2019

A few days ago I came to the parcel thermometer for shower heads with an electronic display. Powered by water flow without batteries. Spodvigla I purchase a speedy completion of the family. The prospect of scald a child fell from the installation of this device.

The device is mounted on the mixer. The spout shower hose. And the hose is already mounted on an electronic thermometer.

Many photos. I make a collage for your convenience.
Many photos. I make a collage for your convenience.

But I have a problem. Thread the shower spout was inclined towards the wall. It was necessary to adjust the temporary adapter from the old liner. How to disassemble liner article here.

Decided to check whether the thermometer works properly. From under the heavens of the Lord does not shy away from fraudulently selling trinkets. Tested using Soviet industrial thermometer. Readings differed by one degree. Insubstantial deviation for the domestic appliance.

Cons device.

1)Plastic housing. With the exception of nuts.

2) It does not fit into the spout of the mixer as I have.

3) Not known life.

Pros device.

1) Easy to install on a conventional mixer.

2) Operation without power supply.

3) Easy temperature control. The display rotates.

Summarize: I think that you can dispense with the thermometer. But if there is a need for temperature control while taking shower and washing children that this device is not a toy, but a necessity. The channel is a video work with this device.

Current price today online Aliekspress- link.

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