Neighbor banned winter to open windows in the stairwell.

  • Dec 28, 2019

In one of the entrances to see a formidable record. This promise turned to a neighbor, who apparently opened a window in the winter for ventilation and to freeze the landing. This situation is most likely going on for a long time, just had to write such letters rock.

In my entrance in the winter, too, sometimes apparently opened the windows for ventilation. And I constantly had to close the windows. Until such time as the author of this text are not tired and it did not take off the handle. Spring came..., go knob is set in place.

Why can not I open the access window in the winter?

1) In extreme cold, especially at night when disturbed circulation in the battery can be freeze heating system. And obschedomovyh damage to property.

2) The writer argues that "Fly away our money in it" meaning the window. That's right, the heat quickly left the territory of the house is detrimental to all tenants of the house. At the moment, many homes are heat metering devices. That consider how much heat we spent during the year. If you can retain heat in the house long, for it will have to pay less. We came to such payment system in March, negative accrual of rent. Management Company held recalculation of payment for heating.

Consumption meters installed in the basement is considered warm.
Consumption meters installed in the basement is considered warm.

Remember! Open the window in the winter - a hole in your budget.

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