Shut off the hot water. Done. Choosing a water heater.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Annual shutdown of hot water in the apartments with a central hot water supply water, brings a huge inconvenience. Of course if you do not "walrus". Wash your face and brush your teeth is possible in the icy water, and taking a shower or washing dishes can not do without additional heating of water in the pans or kettles.

This year has decided to deprive yourself of torment and hit a water heater system. Initially, there was a question which one to choose?

Savings water heater?

The minimum volume for showering with a boiler 30 liters.
The minimum volume for showering with a boiler 30 liters.


1) Little tena power up to 2.5 kW. Minimum load on mains.
2) Temperature control in the tank is not dependent on the temperature of incoming water.

3) Possible to use both shower and sink sink.


1) The volume of heated water is limited.

2) It requires a lot of space for installation

3) Tank PETN and require additional maintenance.

Instantaneous water heater ?


1) The small size may be installed under the sink.

2) Instant heat.

3) Not limited amount of hot water.


1) For normal water heating need a separate power supply input. Able to withstand a load of at least 5 kW.

2) Degree vodichki heated depends on the temperature of incoming cold water. The colder water entering at the cooler water output protochnika.

3) If protochnik has a capacity of less than 15 kW is possible to use only one mixer to choose from, shower, sink or wash basin.

Of these criteria I choose the water heater. But the places where possible stick "barrel with hot water" in my apartment no!

So we had to buy water-heater. In our town there is no normal selection protochnikov and I decided to book online. The choice fell on the online store. 2400 rubles ordered Electrolux Smartfix 2.0 TS 5.5 kW of power. Unfortunately for me, it cut into the system as I would not be! He can explode by improper connection! This I realized after reading the manual, it clearly described that he should not be under the pressure of the water supply system. You can only be connected to the shower head mixer. The same day, he took it to the point of delivery, and I returned the money.

Returned to the online store is not suitable protochnik.
Returned to the online store is not suitable protochnik.

After a refund they also ordered a "unit" is more expensive with several degrees of protection. But about it in the next article.

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