Wiring diagram for the water heater. From plumbing. He painted himself.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Season off hot water in the apartments with a central water supply is repeated twice a year. We have to heat water and use to wash basins. This year, I saved your family from these facilities and not bought protochnik. Why it was necessary to choose a flow water heater, not cumulative, I wrote in a previous article. But before connecting protochnika for their readers, I drew the wiring diagram in a simple program sPlan7.0. Time and effort to develop more complex programs such as "AutoCAD" I do not have.

With centralized water supply in the diagram below, the cold water moves in a blue branches. Hot on the red line. Black marked untapped pipe.

Water heater in the sleep mode.
Water heater in the sleep mode.

A period of domestic hot water is turned off. Close the opening valve on the hot water riser. Thread centralized WAN designated black linear, Scheme below. Open the valves on the water heater. Water through a tee to a cold water pipe enters the water heater, and is heated in the hot water pipe tee for wiring. Three consumer shower, sink and sink, we are left with hot water.

Instantaneous water heater at work.
Instantaneous water heater at work.

The same scheme is suitable for the water heater.


When connecting the instantaneous water heater please read carefully. Find out whether it can be embedded in the system as my circuit. Wrong connection cheap protochnikov may cause an explosion. Property damage and health.

Protochnik I found and even popolzovalsya. But more about that in the next article.

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