Life hacking from the plumbing. Making plug 10 cents.

  • Dec 28, 2019

In the evening, it began to change the hoses to the mixer, while new twist podvodok broke mixer who served a total of five years. Time later, plumbing shops closed. Water can not be used, because two points of water pumping in the bathroom open. Generally left the family without water. But I remember that you can make a strong cap better than a store.

To do this, we need to pull out the old hose coupling nut.

Pulling her keys have to tinker a bit. Typically, the union-cut Christmas tree grinder.

We are looking for 10 kopeck coin and insert into the nut.

Set Rubber products of the round form on a coin. You can use the old gasket from the hose.

We spun our product for 10 cents in the thread. Use flax and fum tape is not necessary.

Hurrah! Now there is water in the apartment. This plug holds the pipeline pressure. Leaks will not. Verified.

Changed the rotten hoses for the mixer and the "hit" on the mixer itself. He wrote about this in a previous article.

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